$5,500 Gadgets To Crash Beach Cruising?

Secret Cameras To Deter Public Sex?

Police may soon have a new weapon in the war on public sex: talking cameras. Commissioners and coppers in Marin County, Florida are considering installing motion-sensitive snappers in cruise-heavy areas.

FlashCAM devices sense motion and then flash a bright light, said David Graham, assistant to County Administrator Duncan Ballantyne.

After being activated, the cameras issue a pre-recorded verbal warning to let people know they are under surveillance, Graham said. Sixty seconds later, they start recording.

The cameras, which the California company of Q-Star Technology makes, are solar powered and can be connected to light poles or even trees along the shores, Graham said.

Commission Chairman Michael DiTerlizzi celebrated the idea, saying, “I’m all for it. Anything that deters that kind of activity is going to be good.” DiTerlizzi apparently doesn’t care about the camera’s $5,500 price tag. Not everyone’s excited about the proposed installations. Commission Chairman Doug Smith said there are bigger problems than just public sex, while Visitor’s Bureau chief Tammy Monaghan called the camera’s “intrusive”. Not to mention totally creepy.