Attack on Gay Marriage

Secret Right-Wing Group “Groundswell” Seeks To Go “Old Testament,” Planning A “30 Front War”

On Thursday morning, Mother Jones broke the news that a hush hush group of Washington right-wingers have been conspiring against not just Democrats but GOP leadership and the Republican establishment for months.

The group, known as “Groundswell,” includes several GOP power players, including Ginni Thomas (married to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas), former UN ambassador John Bolton, former GOP congressman Allen West as well as a slew of operatives and congressional aides, and even some journalists. Basically, a lot of “formers.”

Their goal: To push their far right agendas even harder and hatch “a 30 front war seeking to fundamentally transform the nation.”

Apparently, the GOP is not conservative enough for them, and so they’re using their connections, power, and influence in the press to promote their ideas. Pages and pages of memos from the group’s meetings have been leaked to the media, and the content is disturbing.

One memo takes on: Gay marriage.

After the GOP’s sweeping defeat in the 2012 elections, there was much talk about “rebranding” the party. One of the issues Republicans discussed dropping was gay marriage. It was viewed by many as a battle they weren’t going to win.

Well, the folks at Groundswell were none too pleased by this.

In a March 27 memo, the group huffed that Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus “is sending messages to the party… If we were all gay illegal aliens, the party likes us.”

Say what?

The memo continues: “[Priebus] is preparing the way for a change on social issues by giving a warning, ‘don’t go Old Testament’ and advising the party to consider what [Karl] Rove said about the next nominees could speak favorably of homosexual marriage in the campaign.”

Groundswell’s preferred solution to the GOP’s gay marriage stance: Screw what Priebus and Rove say and “embrace the libertarian and conservative wing of the party.”

Many are also raising their eyebrows at Ginni Thomas’ involvement, given her proximity to the Supreme Court.

Other memorable quotes from the group’s memos:

  • “We’re failing the propaganda battle with minorities.”
  • “Conservatives are so busy dealing with issues like immigration, gay marriage and boy scouts there is little time left to focus on other issues. These are the very issues the Left wants to avoid but we need to magnify.”
  • “We are in a real war; most conservatives are not prepared to fight.”
  • “We need to be more clever than the Left on this… Something amusing and easy for LIVs [low-information voters] to understand.”
  • “We must reclaim the language and put ‘a face’ on our messages; tell stories. Write articles on 4th grade level!”

If Americans ever needed an example of how the GOP really feels about them, these memos are it.

Photo credit: Mother Jones.