See How This Adorable Indian Couple Is Challenging Homophobia In Their Country


Vaibhav and Sukanth met five years ago online and have been together ever since. The couple lives in Bengaluru, India and, despite the country’s oppressive colonial-era law deeming homosexuality a criminal offense, they’re taking a stand against homophobia… by posing in an ad campaign that celebrates their relationship.

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“We hope it makes people realize we are as normal as anyone is,” Vaibhav told Mashable. “Its about time photographers do more such shoots and be more inclusive.”

The guys are teaming up with UrbanClap, a new app that pairs customers with service professionals, for a new pro-LGBTQ campaign that will feature five different same-sex couples across India.

“We believe that everyone should have the right to love whoever they want to as it’s the most basic human right, yet denied to many,” UrbanClap co-founder Abhiraj Bhal said. “We firmly stand with the LGBT community in India as they fight for their equal rights in the eyes of law and society.”

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In a statement, the company added: “The reason for offering these photo shoots to same-sex couples was for them to be able to capture their moments together and create memories. While we’re not saying people should use these to come out publicly as many have chosen not to, but to share these moments with their close friends and family.”

Check out the adorable photos below…





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