See the bizarre CGI mistake that forced a new version of ‘Cats’ to be rushed to theaters

With the long-awaited film version of the musical Cats having just landed in theaters, patrons can’t help but notice…Judi Dench’s very human hand has a cameo in the film.

The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, which has underperformed at the box office, features Dench and its other human performers as anthropomorphic cats using motion capture technology. Viewers over the weekend noted several shots where the effects didn’t look finished, including one shot that shows Dench’s hand sans fur and wearing a wedding band.

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Discussion of the shot comes as director Tom Hooper has publically expressed his frustration with the timeline for finishing the film; he apparently was still working on it the day of the premiere. Universal also released a statement over the weekend saying that exhibitors would receive a new version of the film December 22 which would include updated visual effects, reportedly at Hooper’s request.

Cats opened last weekend to the tune of $2.6 million in box office receipts, far below projections for the film.