Oh, lordt!

See why everyone’s gagging over this locker room photoshoot featuring the men of “Insecure”

The guys from HBO’s Insecure just posed for GQ’s latest spread and they have everyone feeling a little, well, parched.

Perhaps you can see why?

Actors Y’lan Noel, Wade Allain-Marcus, Jay Ellis, and Sarunas Jackson slipped into their workout clothes and swim trunks for a thirst-quenching photoshoot to go alongside the appropriately-titled article, “When the Thirst Is Real: The Dudes of Insecure Go to the Gym”.

In the article, the guys talk about everything from shooting sex scenes for the hit HBO show to bumping into fans who forget they aren’t actually the characters they portray on TV.

Oh, and if the pictures weren’t enough, GQ also released a behind-the-scenes video of the guys pumping iron, splashing around in the pool, and hitting a sauna because, hey, why the hell not?


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