Idiot By Association

See The Incredibly Homophobic, Racist Email Uncovered In Scott Walker Investigation

no-matter-how-much-greta-van-susteren-pushed-scott-walker-denied-any-wrong-doing-during-koch-prank-callIn 2010, when current WI Governor Scott Walker served as the state’s County Executive, his then-chief of staff Thomas Nardelli sent a racist, homophobic and all-around-in-poor-taste email to his deputy Kelly Rindfleisch, among others.

But “poor taste” is putting it very lightly. The email, which was forwarded around theoretically based on it’s “humor” (we couldn’t find any, and we like to think we can take a joke), is titled “The Nightmare” and tells the story of a man having a right-wing Gregor Samsa moment when he wakes up as a “black, disabled, one armed, drug-addicted, Jewish homosexual on a pacemaker who is HIV-positive, bald, orphaned, unemployed, lives in a slum, [and] has a Mexican boyfriend.”

After way too much buildup, we finally get the punchline. See, he can handle all of these transformations, just “please God, don’t tell me I’m a Democrat!!” (you can read the whole mess here)

enhanced-5224-1392852599-22Another email that’s surfaced shows Rindfleisch praising a comparison of welfare recipients to dogs who are “mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who the r [sic] Daddys [sic] are.” For the record, she found it “hilarious” and “so true.”

Both emails were released as part of the “John Doe Investigations” into Walker and his staff.

Why is this a big deal? Walker is eyeing the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, and if this is who he’s surrounding himself with, there’s a serious problem. Though it’s not like there wasn’t already one.

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  • Ken

    This has got to be the worst possible Republican nightmare, in the tradition of Watermelon Man. I thought it was hilarious!

  • jckfmsincty

    I guess the Republicans aren’t giving up on the Asian American vote.

  • Taliaferro

    Why are we surprised? It is not as if the GOP/tea party and those who support it, has not had a history of this sort of treatment and view or any who are not elderly white males, or who hope to become elderly white males. This is par for the course. It demonstrates how stunted and ignorant they are.

  • tjr101

    Well it is republicans where talking about here right? No surprise here. What is surprising however is the GOP’s silly attempt to win minority votes as if they even have a chance.


    Fucking CHARMING. That Bitch needs to be thrown the fuck out of public office and the poor souls who voted him in need to see what he’s REALLY like. There is NO EXCUSE for this stuff anymore. PERIOD.



  • Mezaien

    Is Scott Walker, white??.

  • brianmovie

    Walker just keeps embarrassing himself!

  • LifeNewbie20s

    The gay liberal in me hates to say in but Scott Walker is kinda sexy.


    You SHOULD be ashamed. Your lust just set us ALL back 20 years, Fool. :(


    Keep Lusting. And see how far you get with your imaginary “BOYFRIEND”. Talk about delusional. Wait till he takes your basic fucking rights away. Will it still be “SWOON” then? Some Folks are pathetic in their equality, Dude…


    @Mezaien: You can’t see the picture?


    I don’t care if he’s WHITE, BLACK OR GREEN. What he IS is a HOMOPHOBE. With a fucking Public Office. That impacts YOUR rights as a LIVING, BREATHING HUMAN BEING. Need I say anymore? C’mon, Boys… :(

  • LifeNewbie20s

    @KEVINVENTION: A little high strung there bud. This is not life or death. It was an email with an insensitive joke.

  • yaoming

    It’s a dissgusting email, but Walker didn’t write it, nor does the article say he commented on or forwarded it to anyone else… nor do we know if he ever saw it.

  • murphy0071

    Not to worry is type eventually end up in prison biting the pillow.

  • tjr101

    @LifeNewbie20s: yep, just a little email that reflects what they think of you and what the GOP’s policies when it comes down to minorities. Just a little email.

  • BrokebackBob

    Deserves NATIONAL media coverage. Scott Walker and his ilk attract people who write things like that screed. He is one seriously sick
    puppy who should mercifully be put to sleep.

  • Rob

    “and if this is who he’s surrounding himself”

    Gee. You’d think he was hanging out with domestic terrorists. I thought it didn’t matter who your associates are.

  • boring

    Baby its slow
    When lights
    Go low
    There’s no help

  • Mezaien

    @KEVINVENTION: By the photo he is just another Cuban, AND my question what “is he white” not you KEVINVENTION:

  • jmmartin

    I don’t see why anyone should be surprised at this revelation. This is the way Republitards think.

  • Respect4all

    @Mezaien: I’m sorry, but your English is not as good as you think it is, so it’s difficult to understand your comments. I’d recommend some ESL classes.

  • misterhollywood

    I honestly hope the people of WI do not keep this guy in office come the next election. Yuck!

  • msfrost

    Boot to the head!

  • Rob

    @jmmartin: “This is the way Republitards think.”

    Remember when liberals were opposed to gay marriage and made homophobic comments and jokes just a few short years ago?

  • Mezaien

    @Respect4all: IDIOT! why speaks English, if I can speak German.

  • NJjoe

    And this is a surprise why? Walker will go to hell when his time is due.
    No worries, just another ignorant Republican. This country is full of them.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Christie-Walker 2016! Oh yeah!

  • queenrosered

    “Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking”
    H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
    How VERY true…..

  • Kangol


    As Wonder Bread!

    And he’s also a leading Presidential candidate for 2016, now that Crispy von Hindenblimp has begun crashing and burning. They’re cut from the same cloth, though. Really nasty, vindictive aides by their sides, doing their dirty work. (I don’t think Crispy’s henchmen are as overtly [email protected] and anti-Semitic though.)

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