See The Revealing Photo Cheyenne Jackson Sent To A Chorus Boy

CJThe past year has certainly been an eventful one for out entertainer Cheyenne Jackson. He appeared in HBO’s hit Liberace bio, filmed a couple of new gay-themed movies, released an album, performed concerts in major cities and, oh yeah…split from his handsome husband, had a sex tape leak, got new tattoos, shaved his head and took up with a new boyfriend to whom he got engaged before the ink had dried on the divorce docs. This man does not like to stay idle for long.

Now a Queerty reader has informed us about a photo Jackson had sent out in which he’s wearing a leather harness and not much else. (We’ve long suspected he was into kink.) Here’s the note:

A friend who’s a chorus boy in a Broadway show sent me this. He was going through his old phone and found this pic Cheyenne Jackson sent him a while ago.

If anyone has more info about the pic, let us know. To see the full NSFW pic, go here.