See The Revealing Photo Cheyenne Jackson Sent To A Chorus Boy

CJThe past year has certainly been an eventful one for out entertainer Cheyenne Jackson. He appeared in HBO’s hit Liberace bio, filmed a couple of new gay-themed movies, released an album, performed concerts in major cities and, oh yeah…split from his handsome husband, had a sex tape leak, got new tattoos, shaved his head and took up with a new boyfriend to whom he got engaged before the ink had dried on the divorce docs. This man does not like to stay idle for long.

Now a Queerty reader has informed us about a photo Jackson had sent out in which he’s wearing a leather harness and not much else. (We’ve long suspected he was into kink.) Here’s the note:

A friend who’s a chorus boy in a Broadway show sent me this. He was going through his old phone and found this pic Cheyenne Jackson sent him a while ago.

If anyone has more info about the pic, let us know. To see the full NSFW pic, go here.

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  • Billy Budd

    I never understood people’s obsession with leather or latex.

    Kiss the boot of shiny, shiny leather
    Shiny leather in the dark
    Tongue of thongs, the belt that does await you
    Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart

  • Manchester

    This guy is one hot mess after another.

  • Tackle

    I thought he would have a better ass than that.

  • Naja

    @Billy Budd: No one asked you to. I am sure you enjoy countless things that I would scoff at, but I possess this incredible ability called tact.

  • QuintoLover

    He’s hot, yes, but a HOT MESS personally.

  • Apparatus

    I used to think he was so amazing, he could sing, he could dance, he was gooorge, and was on my favorite show 30 ROCK.

    But now too much has come out about his personal life and all I see kind of an ugly personality, knowing what we know about his divorce, THAT jerk off video, and slutty ways…I dunno…cannot unsee the man inside, I guess.

  • jckfmsincty

    He should give psychotherapy a try.

  • John Harkin

    @Apparatus: A leather harness bothers you about Cheyenne?

    You are talking about the guy who in his first national interview with The Advocate said he knew he was Gay when:

    “I was 7 watching this Valentine’s Day Popeye cartoon episode .There was this scene where Popeye was captured by Brutus, tied up with no shoes or socks on, and Brutus starts tickling his feet. I remember getting a little boner, and I didn’t know what it was about that scene that was creating that, but I knew that it was something naughty every year, I couldn’t wait for that episode.”

  • niles

    My oh my, the comments on here reveal more about the ones commenting than about Cheyenne. Some of my observations: you are vicious, self-loathing, uptight, prudish, and generally pathetic. As for the pic, it is no more provocative than your granny’s corset.

  • stranded

    Nothing he’s done seems that crazy. Sort of feels like you just want to pick on him. Anyway, he’s hot, the pic was ok. He has a perky ass but kind of strangely shaped and a bit small.

  • Captain Obvious

    @Billy Budd: You don’t have to. There’s no rule saying you have to like or understand anyone else’s fetishes.

    What I don’t understand is “everyone’s” obsession with picking apart the fetishes of others that they personally don’t even have the ability to see without going out of their way to find it.

    Queerty in general seems to have an obsession with picking apart fetishes that aren’t even being paraded around in public.

    Fetishes are normal and healthy sexual exploration. Picking apart others and throwing around negative comments isn’t. A real therapist would say those who feel the need to belittle others are the ones who would benefit most from therapy, not the ones so comfortable in their own skin that they can enjoy a sexual fetish in the privacy of their own home.

  • Cam


    Niles I would be careful using the term “Self Loathing” when defending Jackson. This is the guy who, after being openly gay on Broadway, got cast in a major hollywood movie and in the interview talked about “If his wife or Girlfriend” were in danger….

    Self loathing, running back to the closet. And then, he attacked the writer who pointed that out, then claimed it was taken out of context even through it was on TV, then claimed it was all his publicist etc…

    You may want to pick a different term since Jackson has definitely swum in those waters.

  • Persa

    Cheyenne Jackson and a ton of other Broadway performers have all been more naked in Broadway Bares shows. How is this at all scandalous? People are just grasping now. Oh! Cheyenne Jackson wore a harnesss!!!! Shocking! Come on Queerty. I’ve seen more naked Broadway performer behind than I have my own at this stage. This is not a story. LOL

  • John Harkin

    @stranded: Stranded , I agree i don’t there’s anything wrong with some leather kink. But, I disagree with you on his behavior over the last 6 months . He has done many CRAZY things. Cheyenne left his partner of 13 years, covered his body in some pretty F’d tattoos, released a gross sex tape, joined a cult, got engaged to the guy who got him involved in the cult. This was after knowing the guy for only a few months. Jackson is a public figure and well known in the Gay community. His behavior of late has been very bizarre.

  • John Harkin

    @Cam: agreed Cam!

  • Persa

    Zac Efron just showed more nudity than this in a TRAILER for a movie. He was full body naked with his dick in a toilet.
    Why are gay folks (we of all people) so shocked by the naked human body.
    And as for divorce, why should ANYONE be ashamed of getting divorced? People break up. It’s not scandalous or uncommon. If Cheyenne and Monte didn’t want to be together anymore they shouldn’t be.
    Were they supposed to stay married to each other and be miserable so random strangers could feel good about it?
    I have never understood people criticizing other grown folks’ relationships of which they have no part or intimate knowledge.
    Find your own boyfried or husband and stop being so creepily invested in the relationship of celebrity strangers whose lives have no effect on yours.

  • John Harkin

    @Persa: isnt this a gay news and gossip blog? creepily invested? I like how you glossed over Jackson’s Drug addiction, Cult activity, Prison Tattoos, and sex tape. This is a guy who portrayed himself as a role model for teh Gay community, why is it not interesting to report on this? Why does it mean so much to you?

  • Sweet Boy

    He´s got stretch marks in his butt…..I´d do him anyway

  • Persa

    @John Harkin:

    As far as I’m aware he has never been to prison, and I’ve neither heard nor seen any evidence that he is addicted to anything. Just because some one does drugs doesn’t mean they are addicted to them. But if he does have a drug problem, it’s his problem, not yours or anyone else here.

    His only relationship to any of US is as a performer. Period.

    He has a very successful working life (movies, tv, theater) and he’s a grown man who can do what he wants with his own body just like each and every one of us.

    Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they have to be a role model and unless you’re a teenager, why do you NEED an adult gay man to be your role model, particularly someone who is a stranger?

    What sheltered life have you lead ad a gay man where an adult having a sex life and doing drugs is so schocking and unusual?

    Sending a video of yourself masterbating is hardly a “sex tape” but even if it is, EVERYONE HAS SEX. It’s not shameful of scandalous. Why is this an issue?When did gays become such prudes and upholders of traditional heterosexist virtue when it comes to adult male behvior.

    All anyone who isn’t a friend of Cheyenne Jackson should be worried about is does he perform well when I buy tickets to see him sing and was he a good actor in that movie/tv show/play I saw him perform in.

    What he does or doesn’t do with his body is nobody’s damned business but his and his respective partner’s.

    I would love to see how any one of us would respond if our neighbors decided to make what we do in our private lives their business because I guarantee you the folks commenting here are not doing so from their virginal straight edge towers of innocense and virtue.

    I expect straight folks to spend all their time trying to make sure everyone confirms so they can protect heterosexuality and heterosexist dominance in culture.

    I don’t expect grown, sophisticated gay men to act like my grandma and her favoritie biddies talking trash about everyone and their auntie while fanning themselves on the porch after church every Sunday.

    Occasionally doing drugs, not scandalous. Having an active sex life with consenting adults, not scandalous. Being naked, not scandalous. Having a break up, not scandalous.

    I bet you couldn’t swing a cat on any street in LA or NYC and not hit some gay man or lesbian who was toking up the weekend before. Come on now. Let’s not act like he’s some child molester or murderer.

    And that goes for most of the supposed scandals. This is so 1950s.

  • DistingueTraces

    @Persa: Cheyenne Jackson has been open about being in AA.

    It was soon after he entered recovery that his marriage ended and he met his new partner.

    I don’t see any scandal, but this is not a flattering photograph – he looks a lot better in more recent photos and – ahem – videos.

  • Beachman

    I don’t know Cheyenne, but I do see him frequently at the gym with his new boyfriend. They both appear extremely friendly, engaging, and head over heals in love. Also, they are both clearly well liked by their friends (which cannot be said for many Hollywood celebrities).

    He’s a big guy, has some meat on his bones, and not a little twink which may explain why he doesn’t look ‘perfect’ to some in this picture. But having said that he’s clearly in great shape, and imo much sexier in person than in the pics I have seen of him on the internet. As a gay man who likes gay men (and not little boys), I find this picture very hot (with or without the costume).

    And most importantly, from my observation Cheyenne appears to be doing great, with or without the snarky comments from ignorant posters on this site.

  • Cam

    @Persa: said…

    “All anyone who isn’t a friend of Cheyenne Jackson should be worried about is does he perform well when I buy tickets to see him sing and was he a good actor in that movie/tv show/play I saw him perform in.


    Actually I’m always concerned with a man who has been open rushes back into the closet the second he gets a little mainstream success and the image that presents to people.

  • hotshot70

    I was hoping for a frontal.

  • elbertdijkgraaf

    The photo looks like it belongs to the back cover of a Treasure Island Media dvd. He doesn’t look that bad though

  • stranded

    @John Harkin:

    I think it’s easier to dismiss or label his actions as “crazy” than understand them. I may be ignorant of the details of his story, or the speculative details but lets go down the list:
    Left his partner of 13 years: Sad, but relationships end.
    Got tattoos: everyone gets tattoos, whether you like or don’t like them, why judge it as crazy?
    Engaged after 6 months of dating: after 13 years he could be rebounding pretty hard with this new guy. Or he left his former partner for this new guy. Or despite how much we want to be sceptical, he did find someone he fell in love with.
    Joining the cult: I have to plead ignorance on that. I don’t know much about that story/rumor. All i have to say is, one person’s cult is another person’s religion.
    The sex tape: not the first, not the last.

    In all, i think people are making a bid deal about his behavior because it’s not the Jackson we grew to admire. He’s changing and changing fast, probably because of his break up. That’s his business.

  • Persa

    How is he closeted? @Cam:
    You are obviously referring to something that happened a long time ago because for the entirety that I’ve known of him (since Xanadu) he’s been out to the public. I don’t care if someone was once closeted a long time ago. Who cares? He isn’t closeted now and has had two relationships that have been well documented. But again, it’s his business and I think sometimes we forget that we are a MINORITY. We are not part of the dominant culture, tearing people apart because they happen to be famous but also human just seems so assimilationist to me. I’m glad he’s in AA and I’m glad he’s open about it (I didn’t know either but it doesn’t change my opinion knowing).
    I expect us, we gay people, to be more realistic, less hypocritical and to treat folks like human beings, flaws and all.
    I don’t get shaming someone for having an addiction or getting a divorce or even having naked photos. Which is what happens on the regular here on Queerty in the comments. Since when are we as a community scandalized but such normal, real life things?
    I can’t find a single thing that can be shown that Cheyenne Jackson did to anyone that was bad or evil or wrong yet the scron just pours forth as if he was the second coming of Jessie Helms and all for things that are about his own life, not what he’s done to other people.

    Obviously this is not realy all about him, it’s symbolic of a larger trend of just tearing any out celebrity to shreads or waiting for them to “fall” or “fail” so folks can comment about it.

    Here is this website that gets so many hits every day that can reach so many gays and lesbians and this is how it chooses to cover things.

  • Billy Budd

    @Naja: I am VERY vanilla in terms of sex. The kinkier I’ve ever been was to let a guy play hard with my nipples.

    I think everybody should do whatever they wanna do in bed, as long as it is consensual and nobody gets hurt, or at least very hurt. If a guy enjoys pain, he deserves to receive it. LOL

  • John Harkin

    I think @Persa must be related to Cheyenne or Jason

  • tricky ricky

    oh my! I am so shocked and appalled I’m going to burn my xanadu cast recording cd right now! (only kidding, I love that musical!)

  • DistingueTraces

    @John Harkin: Who’s Jason?

  • Cam


    IF you read the original post, it was a response to people calling any criticism of Jackson as “Self Loathing”

    To which I replied…

    Niles I would be careful using the term “Self Loathing” when defending Jackson. This is the guy who, after being openly gay on Broadway, got cast in a major hollywood movie and in the interview talked about “If his wife or Girlfriend” were in danger….
    Self loathing, running back to the closet. And then, he attacked the writer who pointed that out, then claimed it was taken out of context even through it was on TV, then claimed it was all his publicist etc…
    You may want to pick a different term since Jackson has definitely swum in those waters.

    My post was accurate in it’s response.

  • scotshot

    @niles: Your inner Troll is showing…..

  • blackberry finn

    @John Harkin: He is what he is! ^^

  • jtopper

    I tried to reply to someone defending him and I do not know if it posted and it was not finished. I saw Cheyenne in concert in Durham. He was wonderful and signed programs including mine and took pictures with everyone in line. He admitted to us, the audience that he was a recovering alcoholic, was married and divorced, and engaged to be married. He is very sweet and very handsome. He is hot to me, no matter what he has on or what he doesn’t. We don’t know when he sent this picture to the chorus boy. He obviously is not shy about his body. As for the sex tape of him masturbating, I did not think it was appropriate to ask him about it, but I think that is hot, perhaps unwise of him, if it is him, but who cares?

  • Mykey

    Bet he’s a great bottom!

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