See The Transphobic Tweet About Jennifer Lopez That Jenny McCarthy Tried To Delete

You’d think by now high profile media personalities would have learned to maybe just lay off the transgender jokes. Or if you are going to make one, it had better be the funniest damn joke anyone’s ever heard.

Or, if you’re Jenny McCarthy, you could Tweet this:



The story Jenny is cavalierly is referencing is a rumor that J.Lo’s younger sexy man has been linked to a transgender bikini model, hence the “it’s either me or her/him!”

The Tweet was quickly deleted, but as everyone should know by now, screenshots are inevitable these days.

Let’s overlook the fact that referring to an actual person with gender pronouns that they don’t identify with is rude, but “transsexual”? Really? I don’t think I’ve heard that word since the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and even then it was probably out-dated.

And look, we’re not trying to bash Jenny. It was a dumb joke, which she realized, and she took it down. So good on her for either listening to those around her or reaching that conclusion on her own.

Just goes to show that people are still confused about what transgender actually means. But it’s all a learning curve.

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