See Which Actor Has Been Cuddling Up Next To James Franco In Bed

James Franco‘s latest low art becoming high art imitating low art recreating high art with low art social media mind warp explosionnn form is the Instagram bed selfie.

Or, you know, he just likes taking pictures of himself like everyone else.

Either way we aren’t really complaining. Even when he tries to look bad on purpose, he’s still pretty hot.

Like here.


Or here.


But now he’s enlisted the help of actor pal Keegan Allen, star of ABC’s Pretty Little Liars. Again, we aren’t complaining.

After Franco’s Broadway performance in Of Mice And Men, the actor posted this photo with the caption “BED SELFIE WITH KEEGAN ALLEN!!!!! TIME TO GO NUTS!!!!”


Ok, you actually do look pretty bad in that one, James. So…congratulations?

Here’s a better one, even though it shatters the “naked in bed” illusion:


See more of James’ gay antics here, or here. Or here. Keep ’em coming, James.


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