Seedy Gay Truck Stop Hookup Goes Horribly (And Hilariously) Wrong

Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 12.12.18 PMDon’t let the names fool you. There was absolutely, positively no love happening on Sunday night when a man by the name of “Truelove” propositioned then threatened to kill another man at Love’s Truck Stop in Fife, Washington, KOMO News reports.

47-year-old Robert Truelove allegedly approached a man and asked, “Do you want to go on a date?” When the man turned him down, Truelove became enraged.

Letting out an animalistic cry, he ripped off his shirt. Then he grabbed a large piece of metal and began waving it in the air as he advanced towards the victim whilst threatening to kill him.

The trucker, terrified, scrambled back to his vehicle, where he locked himself inside and called 9-1-1.

Officers arrived at the scene shortly thereafter. They found and arrested Truelove, who reportedly denied any wrongdoing.

Truelove has been charged with assault and felony harassment and was banned from ever returning to the truck stop.

The moral of the story? Truck stop hookups: Hot in theory. Scary in real life.

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  • dvlaries

    Mmm. Cole Tucker. Where or where did you get away to? :)

  • vive

    The part of this story that is strange is that someone asked someone else on a date at the truck stop. Unless that’s a euphemism, they must have already had sex by that time. Methinks someone isn’t telling the whole story.

  • jd2222248

    okay…..I need to re-read this article; I’m lost. :-)

  • RIGay

    Having a hard time grasping the hilarity of the situation. Sounded more like someone wanted to have sex, got rebuked, and decided to have a bout of explosive ‘roid rage as a result. I guess coming close to being beaten to a pulp is supposed to be funny?

    Perhaps not. I would have also been terrified to be on the receiving end of someone wielding a piece of iron over my head.


  • niles

    There’s a lot of “love” going on at truck stops – but not the “romantic” kind.

  • RIGay

    Perhaps it’s the proximity of this story to the one also on this site of the Radical Faerie who was bludgeoned to death in San Francisco… me thinks Queerty needs to do a better job vetting their content before posting.

  • Gigi Gee

    hilarity [noun] 1. cheerfulness; merriment; mirthfulness

    Where’s the alleged hilarity in this situation?

  • tiggertampa

    Yeah…I don’t understand it either. All my truck stop hook-ups have been sweet, sensitive and love to cuddle!!

  • Maude

    I never ‘did’ (pun intended) a truck stop, have ‘done’ countless rest stops on I-95.

    I Never had to make the first move (too scared!)at a rest stop, but if you patiently wait, one will ‘cum’ to you.

  • redcarpet30

    5 bucks says crystal meth was involved. I will keep my truckstop sex fantasies confined to porn thank you very much.

  • Lvng1tor

    That meth is a hell of a drug!

  • james_in_cambridge

    I must be a terrible gay ’cause I just don’t see what’s so hot about hooking up with closet-case rednecks in some smelly, filthy bathroom at a truck stop. What the hell are people thinking? Or is it that they’re NOT thinking?

  • manonyme

    I agree there’s nothing stimulating about sex in a nasty, smelly lavatory. I prefer privacy over a public encounter anyway – even if it were clean and tidy…
    And ,of course, I can’t speak to other peoples’inner-most desires; but first and foremost they are exercising their p r e f e r e n c e …

  • Shanestud

    Is that picture of the tanned, macho, muscle bound, trim, hot looking hunk hanging outside his cab a stock shot or a photo of the actual truck driver who whose advances were turned down at a truck stop? Boy some of those trucker queens must be awfully picky. The picture could be the jacket for a porn dvd – “Hop In For A Hot Ride Buddy”

  • Kevin

    I live next to a truck stop a few miles from where this happened…. creepy!!

  • I'm Black, and HIV-Positive.

    Is that the picture of the truck driver who got turned down for the date though, because that guy is pretty sexy, and actually could have swayed me to believe that he was the one who got done wrong by some careless, truckstop whore? Enough sensationalizing the news. He looks like a darker, brown-eyed version of John Cena.

    @Shanestud: That was exactly my question too. They used that picture in the thumbnail to sell the story.

  • Maude


  • tusgold

    Stay away from there after dark no matter how good the meatloaf is….

  • Curtispsf

    You can’t blame Mr. Hot to Trot. This was, after all, the “Love” Truckstop. And forget those seedy “bathroom scenes”. The trucks have a large sleeping compartment. I know !

  • Harry R. Freeman-Jones

    Using an image of the late great Cole Tucker to “illustrate” this inane “news” article is deeply offensive to those of us who knew him as a generous friend and compassionate gentleman in addition to being one of the all time sexiest men in our community.

  • Doug

    I can relate. :-)

  • queerbybirth

    Years ago, knew a hairdresser(15yrs younger). He had the most wild stories on being picked-up by cross-country truckers. He started through ‘an uncle’ when he was 15 years of age. He was dumped 1000 miles from home and pawned-over by as new meat. Apparently, he was introduced to a ‘ole style chicken-hawk master whom brought him to S&M in the trucks. He finally gave it up when he hit 32; finally realized a sadist could do him under. Lost track of him, years back.

  • ErikO

    @dvlaries: Cole Tucker died of AIDS.

    @queerbybirth: That queen sounds like she read way too many fictional stories from the 70s and early 80s and pretended that they happened to her.

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