Self-Serving 700 Club Producer Repents, Comes Out And Writes A Book. What A Mensch!

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James Langteaux (left) cut his teeth in the TV game producing segments for The 700 Club, Pat Robertson’s platform for blaming gays for everything from the stalled economy to 9/11.

But after years of spreading the Gospel, Langteaux eventually realized that there was something wrong with what he was doing. Especially since he was, y’know, a big fag and all. So he left (or was helped out of ) traditional televangelism and struck out on his own.

After all, why should only haters make money at this religion racquet?

He’s already penned books like God.com and God.net—tomes targeted to a younger kind of sheep (lamb?) less interested in fire and brimstone and more eager to find the next self-help guru.

The way Langteaux pitches it, that guru is Jeebus himself.

Though he’s been hawking feel-good fundamentalism for a few years—and used to talk about how Jesus was helping him overcome his “struggle” with same-sex attractions—Langteaux’s coming out publicly on April 1 (yep, April Fool’s Day) with the release of Gay Conversations with God: Straight Talk on Fanatics, Fags and the God Who Loves Us All. The book’s press release promises it’s “set to send shockwaves through” Christian broadcasting—but given how many homos work at CBN and the like, we kind of doubt it.

Perhaps we sound a little bitter (us, never!) but this just seems like a snake-oil salesman changing formulas. Langteaux’s big on sharing the “Good News,” but doesn’t spend too much time apologizing or explaining how he could serve the Devil for so long.

Heck, in a recent interview with HuffPo’s Phil Shepherd, Langteaux says it was God who made him go work for Pat Robertson!

 You mentioned earlier that you told God that you never wanted to be in Christian Television – so how did you end up being a senior producer for The 700 Club?

Yeah, God really does have a sense of humor. I also told him I would never go to a Christian school. So while at graduate school at Pat Robertson’s Regent University, one of the executive producers of The 700 Club taught a small class I ended up taking. He knew I lived in the artsy neighborhood (read: gay neighborhood) and he would occasionally joke and ask, “Did your boyfriend bring you into class today?” Despite that I was buried deeply in the closet, I would do a faux lisp and tell him, “Yeah, Shane is so good that way.”

All the other students were vying for positions on the show, and since I didn’t want any part of Christian TV, my surliness may have made me stand out. Months later, I was working on the crew of an NBC mini-series on Jackie O and had determined to drop out of grad school and join the TV circus in L.A. I even dared God to stop me if he didn’t want me to go by presenting me with an alternative offer. The very next day the executive producer called and asked if I would be interested in a job on The 700 Club.

Wow, that is some amazing rationalization right there. You might even call it miraculous!

Langteaux says he doesn’t consider himself a “Christian” anymore because that brand has been damaged so much. (Yes, he calls it a brand.) But it seems like he’s still holding to that fundie notion that you can do horrible things in your life and then just wave them away by rededicating yourself to the Lord.

Hey, it worked for New Gingrich.

In the clip below,  a promo video for God.com, Langteaux discusses the “universalrejection of Christianity (really?) and how he can help you find the path back to goodness and enlightnment. Order now! Operators are standing by!

All together now: What a douche!

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  • kawneekwa

    Tank de load, James Langteaux. Oh yessah! Tank de load.

  • Ozymandias71

    So yeah, I read the article from 2002. Apparently he dumped the ‘love of his life’ because gawd told him to. So how’s that isolation, loneliness and self-abuse in gawd’s name working for ya James? Doncha just feel the love?

    Once again we’ve got someone who could have been a tremendous influence on Christians of being able to live authentically and still have faith… but of course, he bought into the Stockholm syndrome and became a big part of the problem, not the solution.

    I won’t be buying any of his books. Screw that.

  • condeguy

    what a loser.

  • Christopher Banks

    Reading his comments, it’s worth bearing in mind that in any other context this would be regarded as symptoms of schizophrenia and/or psychosis and he’d be carted off for assessment and treatment.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Not sure that this schmuck is really worthy of DOTW status: limp brained, certainly, and a former Kapo.

    But surely the NH Rep. David Bates (R) who failed miserably in his mean-spirited vile homophobia laden attempt to disenfranchise gays and lesbians by revoking marriage equity in NH is the BIGGEST douche of the week.

  • PTBoat

    Yet another Cohen who wants to come out after he realizes that now more personally beneficial for him. He’ll be touted, no doubt, while we ignore the real heroes, the ones who come out when it’s dangerous, and potentially, or truly, detrimental to them.

  • Robbie K.

    I dared God to give me a sign if I should buy this book, he answered. Thank you vodka…

  • iDavid

    This ia a bit confusing……he now is not a Christian, but is still a flaming ex-gay? Didn’t see the “clip below” link.

  • linc52

    horrible man

  • Mike

    Sad to see the author of the article (Dan Avery) be so intolerant of others’ religious beliefs. I’m a Christian gay male…the two are not mutually exclusive.

  • Loveeveryone

    @Mike: I agree with you. It looks to me that this guy is helping closeted people now, and recognized he made some mistakes. Unfortunately, gay christians are ridiculed on a daily basis on this site. Nobody has to agree with a person’s beliefs, but to label this guy a douche is beyond immature, not to mention just poor writing by this author. I don’t even understand the point of this article. It seems like gay people themselves are ridiculed more on this site than politicians that want gay rights taken away!

  • the crustybastard

    @Mike& @Loveeveryone:

    Oh ferchrissakes, quit whining about your victimization by proxy. Like most things, this article is not about you.

    When gays or atheists do some actual injury to your person or rights on the basis of your religion, ON THAT DAY, you may howl to the rooftops about our supposed “intolerance.”

    In the meantime, why don’t you spend some time cleaning up that filthy house you’re so proud of, instead of bitching about the fact that people are talking about how squalid it is?

  • Jude

    There was a rumor that Jim Bakker only hired cameramen whose rear ends looked good in tight pants. James Langteaux in only one of thousands of LGBT men and women working behind the scenes and in front of the camera in “christian” organizations world wide. I would not fault Mr. Langteaux for going to work for Pat Robertson or anyone who chooses to work at a christian church/tv station/network/missionary. People have a want, need and desire to be apart of something that is bigger then themselves. Sometime, yes, sometimes you can make changes from within that effect everyone. Other times, one becomes trapped and walked right into the snare.

    “Christian” isn’t the only brand name out there. It is a blunt force tool with the self belief that it is the only way. Yet even in their Scriptures, Jesus meets the person where there are. Not where any church wants them to be.

    So Mr. Langteaux, I do hope that your book does sell and reach the people still trapped. Give them a handhold to get out. And is this book going to be available for my Kindle?

  • Dave

    Its always so easy to come out after the fact, when theres nothing to lose. Can you say Ricky Martin, George Michael s ? Just a humble opinion.

  • Seaguy

    He’s hot!

  • BML

    Who says it was easier for him to come out now? From what I’ve seen through researching him a little more thoroughly is that he was still working in Christian broadcasting WHILE the book came out.

  • JJ

    You know, it’s easy to judge standing outside of the world he is coming out of. Having lived it myself, and knowing what he’s doing, he’s heroic. This book and his message is not for the masses, but for those who have struggled with their sexuality and their faith. As a community we are all different, and as most homophobes would just choose to lump us all into the pervert group, we should know better. There is a diverse collage of gays out there, don’t hate on those who don’t think exactly like you or believe as you do. Isn’t that what the radical right is for.

  • James Langteaux

    I accept your nomination for DBOTW. But I hope I can give a short, pre-acceptance speech. Like so many other gay teens, I had been bullied for the bulk of my adolescence — most born out of general ignorance fueled by fear. To be bullied today by someone who does not know my story, my heart or my journey doesn’t bother me nearly as much as I thought it would. I think that may be due in part to the fact that I may finally know who I am, and my value isn’t tied to the changing tides of opinions that surround me.

    That said, I wish I had been more evolved from a younger age. I wish I hadn’t believed for so long that I needed to be fixed or could be fixed by God in order to find that love. I was a traitor to myself not the gay community. I didn’t want to be gay and didn’t like gay people or gay things. But on my long journey I finally came to realize that no matter how much I didn’t love me, God did. And I realized that if God could love me then he loved all the rest of his gay kids. That was freeing, and it allowed me to finally write the words that I needed to write.

    Right now. Not then.

    I may be a mensch or a douchebag, or a fuckwad — for a thousand different reasons. But is it really a crime and worthy of all this name calling, by a grown man, to have taken longer than one would hope to come to a place where I can now love myself and my gay brothers and sisters? And then take the risk to finally tell it like it is?

    I don’t know your story. You may have been one lucky enough to grow up in a loving, gay friendly environment free of religious brainwashing and shame. But that isn’t the case for many of us. And though it may have taken me a lot longer to figure it out – now that I am on the outside of my stifling little closet – I want to welcome as many of my conflicted brothers and sisters out into the light to experience freedom and love.

    I just hope they don’t run into more bullying by someone who decides to nominate them for DBOTW for taking so long to find their way.

  • Gene in L.A.

    Yes, James. You do sound bitter. As long as he’s no longer hurting anyone, I’m fine with him. Hate is not the way to go. I hope he will come to realize the error of his ways and atone for it. It is what he purports to believe. But it’s his business too, not ours.

  • Anon

    @James Langteaux:

    Oh please, James. You are not being bullied and you diminish the experience of those who actually are. How dare you trivialize something so significant to the community as bullying? You intend to defend yourself, but there is no defense to be made. Your words reveal you for the vile and narcissistic blight on humanity that you are. Douche of the week, indeed.

  • Boo

    @James Langteaux: You know Mr. Langteaux, maybe the first thing you should do, before the self-justifications, before the rationalizations, before tut tutting others for not immediately embracing you after the harm you’ve caused, is maybe apologize.

  • Gene in L.A.

    Why should anyone apologize for anything, ever again? No one who has an emotional response to what they’ve done is going to forgive them whether they apologize or not. Look, if someone who’s been doing something wrong stops doing it and starts doing something else, they’ve made a correction. It’s not our business why or whether they’re “sorry” for what they were doing. Take the change for what it is, a good thing, and move on. In other words, get a life.

  • Robert Eddison

    Seriously people, who are you to judge another persons journey. At least he’s putting himself out there and sharing his story. While you all seem to be content snapping at him from the shadows. Good for you James for speaking up.

    As for the rest of you, get over yourselves, no one is forcing you to buy the book. What “JJ” said is correct, leave the tearing down to the Christian right.

  • iDavidmoderated

    A simple “I certainly regret the hurt I may have caused people along the way” is necessary for a complete picture of a reformed abuser. A large piece is missing. Some people feel like they’d choke on “I’m sorry”. Yet to not complete the picture comes off as arrogant.
    I do understand how people change with the product of the times, but setting up a beach chair (as in James’s case) after swimming the icy waters of discrimination doesn’t exactly help the people you pushed under along the way who are still sputtering in the water. Finally making it across the river is cool, but somehow it seems tossing a life preserver to the people still flailing before sipping cocktails is “the right thing to do”.

  • Bill in NC

    ““set to send shockwaves through” Christian broadcasting”… Give me a break. I have met the author in person and you would have to be pretty lame not to notice that he was gay. I think most people he worked with suspected he was gay and just never brought it up.

  • NF

    It’s not beyond any of us to feel how our words elevate others or fall flat in the long run. That being said, personal experiences do count for making us who we are – so for those of us fortunate to glean some insight into our own situations and learn how to make them better, by all means, share what needs to be said. You’re going to help someone out in a way that they can live gay and proud. There are many people on the “It Gets Better” project who make this level of impact.

    We need to always remember how we ourselves can make *that* level of impact.

  • ShannonKellerman

    His ‘ministry’ certainly does target a younger kind of sheep! God loves them and so does he – in more of a lust-filled-chicken-hawk kind of way… Aside from his self aggrandizing published tales about his journey to wholeness, he also offers non-traditional yoga-ish ‘healing’ services called ‘Breathwork’. As the instructor he guides his students through 90 minute sessions of controlled breathing that seem to produce an oxygen deprived emotional ‘break through’. Upon payment of course. After a recent session attended by a very sweet but very naïve & emotionally vulnerable – and very young – friend of mine, he made unsolicited contact via Facebook message with this young man. After such a breakthrough had taken place and my friend’s naïve emotional vulnerability had been identified mind you, he felt the need to follow-up and affirm what a beautiful soul and kind heart he’d seen in this young man and to offer to hear his story. Over dinner. At his house. Yep, you see where this is going. He spiritually guided his paying student directly into his bed. Hey – had they met on Grindr, there wouldn’t be much I could say. But they met in the context of this guy fulfilling his God inspired calling to bring healing to broken, wounded hearts. This guy is still the same slimy douchebag profiting from the harm he causes to gay people as he’s always been. He was previously on the side of those who watched millions of us die of AIDS while propagating the belief that we were being punished for our sins. And just last week, after exploiting the emotional vulnerability of a boy nearly THIRTY YEARS YOUNGER- he culminated their second date by trying to have bareback sex with him. You’re the douchebag of this week too James. If you’d like, I can post your text messages (between a 50 year old teacher and his 22 year old student) in lieu of another heartfelt plea for understanding from your ‘tribe’.

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