Selfies From “The Brink Of Orgasm” On Display In Bulgaria’s Gayest “Darkroom”

19_cumfaces06A racy collection of photos by the UK artist Stuart Sandford has found an unlikely yet appropriate home for its current two-week exhibition.

Cumfaces, a photo series of 12 selfies taken by male models “on the brink of orgasm,” will be shown in “the darkroom” of the only gay venue in Sofia, Bulgaria, during Pride Art Week, a celebration of LGBT artists during the week preceding Pride:

Dipped in the complete darkness of the room of lust the 12 coloured photographs will be on display for 2 weeks between 16th and 29th of June and special lightning is used to draw the attention of the common visitor, who’s usually distracted by other objects in the space.

Simeon Vassiley, curator of this year’s Pride Art Week, aims to “combat the negative images of the LGBT community and overcomes stereotypes in media through creating more positive coverage.” He is currently searching for other darkroom destinations around Europe to host the exhibit this summer.

Check out some of our favorites below. All 12 “cumfaces” can be viewed at the artist’s website.

Cumface -8

Cumface -12

Cumface -4

Cumface -3

Cumface -2

Cumface -1

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  • JohnnyTee

    From the looks of these men, anyone in Bulgaria can be a male model.

  • Arnold

    very nice

  • Tackle

    From the pictures above, their faces don’t appear to have the look of someone on the brink of an orgasm, but more like someone on the brink of death.

  • Billy Budd

    Very nice indeed.

  • Marc

    Johnny Tee, I think by model, it means a person participating in an art project.

  • Lvng1tor

    no No NO! I’m going to become and artist….I shall start photographing all the lint I find in my belly button immediately!

  • scotshot

    @Tackle: In France orgasm is referred to as “Le petite mort” – The little death.

  • jonjct

    nobody cares. i mean, this happens several times a day at my house, what’s the big deal? wanna see a pic of my dinner? that happens once a day, so more rare. maybe that is better.

  • Tackle

    @scotshot: Interesting. Now the look on their faces makes since…

    • scotshot

      @Tackle: Oh yeah – a dead fuck.

  • sejjo

    @Tackle: An orgasm is a type of death anyway.

  • Sansacro

    @Tackle: Le Petite Mort (the little death) in French; Shakespeare also drew on the connection between the orgasm and death. Long history, bro.

  • Billy Budd

    It is just a rhythmic, pulsating contraction of muscles. The orgasm is almost a painful pleasure. But what a pleasure.

  • mz.sam

    If Meg Ryan in Harry Meets Sally did it so convincingly…what’s to stop these phoned-in expressions? Zzzzzz-z-z-….

  • mbfmark

    “let petit mort” en francais!

  • JDean

    “combat the negative images of the LGBT community and overcomes stereotypes”

    nothing combats negative images and stereotypes of the LGBT community than having softcore porn in a gutter hole full of queens fucking anything that moves in the dark

  • danielnardicio

    I think warhol did this already- it was called “Blowjob”

  • Carlos Giamani

    I love the first one.

  • Michael93

    Yup you said it JDean maybe after this Sarah Palin type moms will be dying to leave their teens/children with us!!
    Regular Christian Mom-“oh my god I was right! Sex crazed the lot of them!” Bloody hell if this artwork is what we’re using to promote acceptance, boys we are in trouble
    Oh and this:
    I’ll show this artwork to my family when I come out, hurry bring Grandma in the room! See we’re normal…please we really are !

  • Clark35

    @Tackle: LOL true.

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