Selfies, Lies And Sextapes: Queerty’s Top 10 Greatest Hits Of 2013


Looking at our top 10 stories for 2013, one trend remains clear: you guys love the sex. And we love giving it to you. Safely, of course. Whether it’s an alleged (or not so alleged) nude selfie, an alleged (or not so alleged) gay sex tape, the death of a beloved porn star, or your favorite (non-porno) sex scenes on film, we’ve been stroking your love for salacious sauciness all year. But scantily-clad scandals weren’t the only stories to grab your attention and you may be surprised what made our year-end list. You may also be surprised what — or who — didn’t make the final cut, as one noted Olympic diver is conspicuously absent. Click through to find out what were Queerty’s most popular stories of 2013!


10. Josh Hutcherson’s Alleged Nudes Hit The Web, So Where Is The Rumored Video?

The interwebs devours nude celebrity selfies with an appetite usually reserved for cat memes and pint-size Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson’s “alleged” addition to the table, shall we say, predictably caught fire.


9. Koh Masaki, Gay Porn Star, Dead At 29

The gay porn industry has seen its share of tragedy this year, but the death of Japanese performer Masaki Koh seemed to resonate in particular. Relatively unknown to Western audiences, he had transcended the moniker of “porn star” in the more conservative East, making his untimely death from peritonitis both surprising and devastating to his many fans.


8. Gospel Singer Kevin Terry’s Sex Tape Hits The Internet — Very Very NSFW

The only thing better than a celeb nude selfie is a celeb gay sex tape. Sure, calling Kevin Terry a “celeb” is pushing it — by any standard — but the gospel element certainly added a layer of intrigue. After all, the only thing better than a celeb gay sex tape, is a holy roller falling off his moral high horse.


7. PHOTOS: Nude-Selfie-Taking Rugby Hunk George Burgess Could Find Himself “Working In A Gay Bar”

Bad boy rugby god “Gorgeous” George Burgess not only has a problem keeping his clothes on, but also his temper in check. So when his nude selfies leaked, no one assumed it was his far better-behaved (but equally hot) twin brother Tom, though we all imagined what it would be like to double our pleasure and double our fun.


6. Adorable Transgender Couple Finds Strength In Transitioning Together

Somewhere among the nude selfies and sex tapes lay this touching story of teenaged transgender lovebirds, Arin Andrews and Katie Hill. Their story of finding love and strength in each other as they transitioned struck a romantic chord for a lot of people (and is also classes up this list a bit).


5. PHOTOS: 40 Things Every Gay Man Should Do Before Turning 40

Whether you agreed with our middle-aged gay bucket list or not — apparently sex with a woman is the actual final frontier — our listicle provided lots of healthy (and not so healthy) discussion and perhaps inspired some of you to try something new. The world would be a better place if everyone did drag, justsayin’.


4. The Most Realistic Gay Sex Scenes In Film

After Kill Your Darlings star Daniel Radcliffe relayed director John Krokidas’s displeasure with the authenticity of gay sex scenes in film, we set out to show that not everyone was unconvincingly faking it.  This post proved so popular, it spawned a follow-up based on reader comments.


3. Super Bowl MVP Winner Aaron Rodgers Allegedly Outed By Rumored Boyfriend

Coming in just under the year’s deadline, football star Aaron Rodgers’s “alleged” outing quickly became one of our most popular posts of the year thanks to Rodgers’s high profile career, not to mention the mountain of receipts linking him and “rumored” boyfriend/former personal assistant and roommate Kevin Lanflisi. We can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for these two kids.


2. WATCH: Dave Franco Is Hung Like A H-O-R-S-E

While James may be the most famous of the Francos, younger brother Dave gave him a run for his homoerotic money this year. A run all the way to Rack City where that homoerotic money was raining all over Dave Franco’s adorable, hairless, barely pubescent chest. And he didn’t even deep-throat anything…to my knowledge.


1. What Real Men Look Like In Underwear Ads

From time to time (on a weekly basis) we’ve been known to feature underwear models in photoshoots, campaigns, videos, and gifs — their abs at the ready to clean your laundry — so we’re as guilty as the next gay for perpetuating these impossible high standards of bodily perfection. So perhaps it’s fitting that our top post this year focused on what so-called “real men” looked like in underwear ads. A refreshing change from the typical muscle models, these real men can drop trou and take a bow for a job well done.


What were your favorite posts of the year?

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