Selfies, Lies And Sextapes: Queerty’s Top 10 Greatest Hits Of 2013


Looking at our top 10 stories for 2013, one trend remains clear: you guys love the sex. And we love giving it to you. Safely, of course. Whether it’s an alleged (or not so alleged) nude selfie, an alleged (or not so alleged) gay sex tape, the death of a beloved porn star, or your favorite (non-porno) sex scenes on film, we’ve been stroking your love for salacious sauciness all year. But scantily-clad scandals weren’t the only stories to grab your attention and you may be surprised what made our year-end list. You may also be surprised what — or who — didn’t make the final cut, as one noted Olympic diver is conspicuously absent. Click through to find out what were Queerty’s most popular stories of 2013!