Selfies, Lies And Sextapes: Queerty’s Top 10 Greatest Hits Of 2013


1. What Real Men Look Like In Underwear Ads

From time to time (on a weekly basis) we’ve been known to feature underwear models in photoshoots, campaigns, videos, and gifs — their abs at the ready to clean your laundry — so we’re as guilty as the next gay for perpetuating these impossible high standards of bodily perfection. So perhaps it’s fitting that our top post this year focused on what so-called “real men” looked like in underwear ads. A refreshing change from the typical muscle models, these real men can drop trou and take a bow for a job well done.


What were your favorite posts of the year?

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  • Dixie Rect

    My favorite posts were ones that DID NOT include Lance Bass, Davey Wavey, Robbie Rogers, Colby Melvin, Tom Daley or Nick Gruber. So, I read less that a dozen blog posts this year.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Well Aaron Rogers said he’s straight and likes women a lot. This story intrigued me.
    Sex (Rod Daily) I t u n e s

  • Renee C. Boydston

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  • Niall

    Where did this nonsense that the final “gay frontier” is having sex with a woman come from?

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