Semi-Reasonable Tips On What Not To Do When You’re Bullied

Not sure I agree with Hart, a bullying victim herself, that if you simply “embrace who you are” bullies “will start to realize you don’t care what they think anymore,” because these types of monsters don’t necessarily give a crap what you think anyhow — it’s about their own cowardice. And sometimes bullying turns into something much worse than errant teasing, and a violent response just might be necessary. But I do appreciate a PSA that includes the line, “BITCH! You got me fucked up, okay.”

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  • Kev C

    Call the Authorities for your safety. That’s my favorite joke.

  • claudia

    this is undeniably awesome!!!!

  • Richard

    I’m sure all the purse-carrying tranny tops who parade down the middle of the street of in dystopian Californian subdivisions are relieved to know that all they need to do is maintain their composure and not weep.

  • James UK

    If you’re being bullied, a housebrick should be an essential item in your purse.

  • alan brickman

    Bear spray in that purse might help….

  • Whiz

    Yeah…so regardless of them being heterosexist assholes… bullies are all the same. They pick on the weak. Don’t be weak. Don’t expect someone to come to your rescue. Carry a weapon (gun, mace, knife, etc) or become proficient enough to beat the living shit out of someone who wants to fuck with you.

    We become victims because we LET ourselves become victims. Minority movements are only successful when the majority realizes that we will fight back. Think about the Civil Rights movement. Groups like the Black Panthers were just as essential as the non-violent leaders like MLK Jr. Without either one, the Movement would have failed.

    Stand up for yourselves.

  • hephaestion

    That’s a very cute video. I think Hart is right: Embrace who you are & they MAY just lose their power over you. But I think you need to take that advice with some common sense: Until you are an adult, you should be somewhat cautious. Being too flambouyant as a teenager is a recipe for catastrophe. Wait til you’re 18 or better still out of college to be totally flambouyant in public. I just call that plain old common sense, as long as this society remains as homophobic as it now is.

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