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Sen. Gillibrand Thinks Obama Will Back Her Fight to Repeal DADT. What’s She Smoking?

Rep. Patrick Murphy says he’s got 176 co-sponsors for legislation to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Conservatives don’t like that very much! Which is only giving New York’s Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand more motivation to enact change in her branch of Congress. It’s like healthy cells feeding off diseased cells! So why do we think Gillibrand is coming off as so naive?

Because she’s got faith that President Obama will help her cause. She is wrong.

Yes, Obama will likely sign legislation to repeal DADT if it’s put on his desk. But even then, we’re expecting him to do so at 6pm on a Friday, so as to miss the weekday news cycle. The gays will take notice and applaud (good for Obama), but the White House will immediately put forth another talking point for conservatives to latch on to (also good for Obama).

But we’re also reaching this conclusion based on past evidence. Just last month Gillibrand’s colleague Sen. Harry Reid made a direct appeal to Obama, and the Pentagon, to instruct lawmakers on what to do about DADT. And what was that request met with? A message from the Defense Department reiterating the “Obama is too busy” mantra.

So while we’re cheerleading Gillibrand and Murphy’s efforts, they and their Congressional colleagues are going it alone. If Obama does come out (really) swinging for DADT’s repeal (say, at Saturday’s HRC dinner?), that will be the surprise. Until then, we fully expect the president to take a backseat in delivering civil rights.

And then we predict Rahm Emanuel will rewrite history in a few years and give his boss all the credit for saving the homos.

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  • Cam

    Rahm Emanuel’s brother is a superagent out in Hollywood….hmmm, gee, the place where they bribe, threaten and do whatever it takes to keep their stars in the closet, like brother like brother. Obama doesn’t seem interested in this issue and Rahm will do just what he’s always done….tell his boss to stay away from the gays and then call Barney Frank and ask him to “Keep the damn gays quiet”.

  • dgz

    i’m becoming a huge fan of Gillibrand; maybe i’m totally wrong about her, but she doesn’t seem to be a “business as usual” type politician.

  • Jason


  • Alexander

    If this can FINALLY get into both houses, it will pass. It has to. There is too much public opinion against DADT that no Democrat will dare vote for it. That gives us a perfect 60, and even if it’s not the “super majority” 50-51 votes will get DADT repealed. This can’t happen until it’s put up for a vote, of course. Unfortunately, Congress seems to have problems voting on anything lately.

  • HRC (H'orderve Robots of Complicity)

    I love Gill. She has balls. Something OBlahBlah and his mesmerized dinner hosts lack.

  • aeblikkon

    Alexander: there are many issues which are extremely popular but are not guaranteed winners in Congress. Health insurance reform is one example.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Gillibrand is a savvy pick as New York is majorly backlashing from do-nothing Albany Democrats, an unelectable Governor and corruption out the Yin Yang in NYC City Council to rival Chicago! She is the Republican’s Democrat and just being obedient to her disgraceful party. We would have had a big ole catastrophe with Caroline “Um” “Er” Kennedy!

    The Green Party side of the fence.

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