Sen. Harry Reid Is Furious with Mormons Over Prop 8. Oh, Reid Is a Mormon?


Attacking the Mormon Church for its Jesus-based homophobia might be easy for LDS insiders to ignore. But what happens when a Mormon goes on the attack against the church? And when that Mormon happens to be a U.S. senator? Who leads the Senate? And who’s tackling homophobic legislation as we speak? His name is Harry Reid, and he’s coming after Thomas Spencer Monson & Co.

The Nevada Democrat didn’t mince words when discussing the Mormon Church’s anti-gay ways, something he’s been reluctant to do. (He’s reportedly never publicly commented on LDS’s involvement with the gays.) But when asked directly about LDS’s involvement in eliminating the rights of gay Americans — particularly through the passage of Prop 8 and now through the National Organization for Marriage’s activities in other states — Reid let it be known where he stood.

The meeting between Reid and National Equality March organizers last week was private, which means Reid’s office isn’t talking. But Derek Washington, NEM’s outreach director, relays that Reid “said that he thought it was a waste of church resources and good will. He said he didn’t think it was appropriate.”

Notes NEM co-director Robin McGehee: “He personally said they needed to be focused on other things,” and he felt it was harmful for the church to focus on such a divisive issue.”

Don’t get ahead of yourself: Reid still agrees with LDS thinking that marriage is for one man and one woman. So don’t expect him to be performing any ceremonies. But Reid is also the Senate’s pointman on ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. He endorsed the march. And back when George W. was president? He battled back against a homophobic surgeon general pick.

So even though the guy doesn’t want you all getting gay married tomorrow, he’s certain a religious institution should not be in the business of endorsing discrimination. At least out of fiscal advice!