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Sen. James Inhofe Wants The Entire Senate To Discuss Anal Sex In The Military

Holy crap. I just watched Sen. James Inhofe, the Republican from Oklahoma, waste 15 minutes of my life. He was there on the Senate floor, talking about how he doesn’t want DADT to be included in the Defense Department’s budget re-authorization bill. Rather, he wants a full and open floor debate on repealing the law. I’m going to save you the same time suck. It went like this: “The fear I have is that this is going to be shoved down our throat by the majority, and we can’t let that happen.”

Inhofe believes DADT — which wasn’t “that good of an idea,” he thought back in the 90s when it was signed into law — has “worked” very well for the past 17 years. You know, because the law has kept The Gays from using the military to advance very “liberal ideas.”