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Sen. Joe Manchin Missed The DADT Repeal Vote Because There Was Spiked Egg Nog With His Name On It

Sen. Joe Manchin, the West Virgina Democrat, made his position against repealing DADT clear this month — but he was not in the chamber for either the vote on cloture or actual repeal. How come? He was at a “holiday gathering” (and not, he insists, a “Christmas party”) that had been planned “over a year ago with all their children and grandchildren.” He’s been attacked by both the right and the left for missing the vote, but Manchin insists he would skip the vote all over again, because he “made a commitment to my grandchildren and I was with my grandchildren” and “the two big votes, I never changed. I was against both of them and I put it in the congressional record, so that was done way before the votes, so I was pretty clear where I was.” How cool! Manchin represents a new breed of federal lawmaker, where simply letting your position be known is the same thing as casting your vote. But don’t worry, Gays Who Didn’t Need His Vote Anyhow: Manchin will be back for the rest of the lame duck session.

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  • Jeffree

    Sen. Manchin needs (well, needed) to decide if he wanted to serve his constituents or call in “ill” from work. He took a “snow day” and failed to do his job.

    In a corporate setting he would lose his position. In the government, history will remember him as the guy on the wrong side, who “forgot” to show up when duty called.

  • Comixbear

    “I made a committment to my grandchildren and so I ignored the committment I made to the American public.”

    Not that we weren’t happy to have another person willing to discriminate gone from the vote, but if you can’t handle the job, don’t get elected.

  • Mountainword

    As a West Virginian, I know that “Uncle Joe” will always fail to do anything that has anything to do with good. The man is an evil coal whore! The only reason he was elected is that he ran as a Democrat against a REALLY evil Republican candidate (John Raese). Had there been anything but a choice between two evils, he would not have “won” the election.
    Look for him to do nothing but vote against environmental causes, vote for coal companies and big business, and ignore other more important issues.
    His name tag may say “Democrat”, but he is a conservative asshole Republican through and through.

  • Mike in Asheville

    What a cretin. Well there is one thing that both the left and right will be able to agree on: he didn’t think it was important enough to vote = he doesn’t get my vote.

  • Kevin

    Manchin, not just a bigot but a cowardly bigot. History will remember.

  • tjr101

    I fear Manchin will be a lot worse than Ben Nelson, a major DINO. Hopefully he misses more crucial votes, it’s one less conservative Republican we’ll have to contend with.

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