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    “All ******** must die”

    Plug in any other minority group you can imagine and sure as hell bet there would be a top to bottom investigation to find the perprtrator. And I can write the script of bullshit spewing out of his mouth would include “the culprit of this vile disgusting cowardly act will be terminated immmediatley. There is no place in my office for such hatefull comments”………

    Except of course if its directed towards those Gays….Ya can pretty much say anything ’bout those folks and we really don’t give a rats ass………..

    When is the tipping point where we say enough is enough? We will no longer be treated as second class citizens the punching bag bitches of the rightwing scumbags???

  • Scotty B

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I agree! If that said “all N Word’s must die” it would be an uproar! Why do we allow this? Our time has come to step out and get ours. Come on folks… SPEAK UP

  • wompman

    Is anyone shocked by this? Senator Chambliss has been spewing the same anti-gay hatred as his staffer, just in more politically acceptable ways. Also does he intend on throwing out even an obligatory apology?

  • Cam

    The staffer was just stating what Senator Chambliss’s opinion is.

  • Green Wood

    They’re trying to whitewash it.

    Trust me, they’ll come up with ‘computer glitch’ or draw the ‘enquiry’ out so long everyone will (they hope) just forget.

    And yes if this were blacks there would be stuff getting burned in the street by now and Obama would be on TV appealing for calm. Because of course we all know being black is down to genetics and that being gay is a ‘lifestyle choice’. (Though why anyone would choose to be potentially beaten up every time they step out the door is beyond me!)

    When he says ‘all faggots must die’ does he also include the vast majority of American tax-paaying ‘faggots’ contributing millions of tax dollars to the US economy or enriching the same country with ideas and inventions to prop the country up? Or just the especially faggy ones who sit around in Log Cabins all day hiding?

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