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Senate Aide Arrested For Planning Kiddie Sex Romp

More sex scandal down in Washington – and this time it’s a Democratic senate aide!

The FBI arrested James Michael McHaney – a 28-year old aide for Senator Maria Cantwell – for arranging a sexual tryst with a 13-year old boy. From The Smoking Gun:

James McHaney, 28, was nabbed by FBI agents after he arranged the afternoon liaison via a “cooperating witness” working with investigators.

According to the below felony complaint and an accompanying statement of facts filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., the CW and McHaney were conversing online Friday afternoon when the CW asked whether McHaney was interested in engaging in anal sex with a 13-year-old boy. “I’ll be there,” McHaney allegedly replied. He later asked for a photo of the child with whom he and the CW would have sex and whether the boy had “any pubes.” When told no, McHaney allegedly replied, “That’s hot.”

McHaney was nabbed in the lobby of an unnamed “predetermined location,” where he had arranged to meet CW. Until his arrest Friday, McHaney had worked as the D.C. scheduler for Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell. A caller to Cantwell’s office was told late today that, as of last Friday, McHaney no longer worked for the Washington state politician.

We’ve included the “statement of facts” in thumbnail form.

McHaney, who’s previously worked for John Kerry and Dick Gephardt, appeared in court on Saturday and is being held without bond. He’ll appear again tomorrow and, we’re sure, many more times in the near future.