Senate Committee Adds LGBTs To Violence Againt Women Act

It seems a little odd but it’s definitely good news:  The Senate Judiciary Committee just voted to add lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), with a special re-authorization sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy D-VT (right), and Sen. Mike Crapo, R-ID.

We guess it’s easier than starting from scratch.

The new measure would allow funds to be used for programs providing services to LGBT domestic-abuse victims and ban any group receiving VAWA funds from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Studies indicate queer victims, when seeking help, are often discriminated against by law-enforcement officials and social-service providers.

“Victims of domestic violence need assistance, not irrational barriers based on their sexual orientation or gender identity,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese. “We thank the members of the Judiciary Committee that have recognized the discrimination LGBT domestic violence victims face when seeking assistance.

Source: San Diego LGBT Weekly

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  • Lol

    Sen. “Crapo?” I’m sorry, I didn’t understand a word of this article after reading that name. THAT’S FUNNY SHIT! and I’m just too big a child not to be distracted by it.

  • JayKay

    VAWA is vile, sexist, and blatantly discriminatory against men. It should be repealed and stricken from the books, not expanded.

  • Ted

    Why can’t we have a Violence Against Human Beings Act (VAHBA)?

  • Kev C

    Not sure if serious

  • JayKay


    That would mean men and women would be treated equally under the law. The antithesis of everything militant liberal feminism stands for.

  • Bob

    • How can anyone support VAWA and not be either ignorant or immoral themselves. Please read the following from one woman who has personal and professional experience with VAWA:
    By Wendy McElroy
    The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) that is up for renewal
    epitomizes a ruinous trend. Tax-funded ideologues produce highly biased
    studies and conclusions; bills based on skewed data become law; then the
    lies are forced into the framework of society and into people’s lives.
    VAWA has lied successfully for 17 years because it combines
    semi-truths with full-blown intimidation. Its basic semi-truth is that
    domestic violence hurts women. The actual truth is that women and men
    become victims of domestic violence at roughly the same rate. But
    politically-correct feminism must dismiss the massive evidence of men’s
    equal victimization because the reality does not fit their rigid
    worldview of men as perpetrators, women as casualties. Instead PC
    feminists respond by manufacturing a loud hysteria around women and
    violence, for example by expanding the definition of rape to include
    drunken women who are deemed incapable of consent. Somehow I doubt
    drunken men will also be viewed as rape victims.
    The incessant selling of women as the victims and men as the perps
    serves many purposes. A primary one is intimidation. Those who object to
    the specifics of VAWA are automatically attacked as favoring violence
    toward women. If you object to VAWA’s ‘must arrest’ policy because it
    takes the choice to prosecute away from victims, then you are siding
    with the batterers. If you question the sixty-plus passages of the new
    VAWA that exclude men from services and protection, then you want women
    to be beaten.
    It is difficult to intimidate me on domestic violence. Years ago I
    was beaten so badly by a ‘partner’ that my right eye hemorrhaged in the
    line of vision and I have been legally blind in the eye ever since. On a
    visceral level, I know more about DV than academics with their
    tax-funded research, PC feminists with their self-promoting agendas or
    well-intentioned third parties who genuinely believe VAWA benefits
    The DV attitudes in VAWA were a large part of why it took me so long
    to heal. As long as I bought into suspicion and rage toward all men, I
    could not make sense of my own reality. Only when I realized one man was
    responsible and other men would have come to my aid did I grasp the
    beating as a personal, not a political experience. Then could I form the
    trusting, loving relationship with another man who became my husband.
    The perpetuation of a gender schism and demonization of men only acts to
    harm women who need to heal.
    Lies do not help, lies do not heal, especially when the
    sleight-of-hand is done for profit. The profit from VAWA is not merely
    political but also fiscal. The Department of Justice’s Office on
    Violence Against Women administers the funds allocated to VAWA. The
    budget requested by the Office this year is $454,898,000. The
    bureaucrats who administer the funds receive high salaries and benefits,
    social status and prestige. They have enormous incentive to ignore the
    cries of men victimized by domestic violence and the protest of men who
    would step in to protect women from fists. They have incentive to ignore
    What critics of VAWA have on their side is the truth. And goodwill
    toward all victims of domestic violence, both male and female.

  • Joe

    @Bob: You state a lot of “facts” but don’t back them up. Tell you what, I’ll start by saying that yes, there are people who have strong biases against men, unreasonably strong biases. Those people exist, and they are often the victims of abuse themselves, much the same as perpetrators of violence were also victims of some form of abuse. Most of the men who perpetuate domestic violence, and yes they are mostly men, were abused themselves. This is a huge tragedy, and it sucks because I see this man doing this evil and despise the victims he’s created, but I can’t just dehumanize him as some alien monster because he was probably a scared little boy at one point who suffered at the hands of another. If you want to advocate for male victims of abuse, adult and child, then I applaud it because that’s at the root of this problem. But if you think this means liberals or feminists are your enemy then you are dead wrong. I’m sure you’ve encountered and seen examples of extreme feminism, but as someone who is a feminist and got a degree in women’s studies if that is all you see then you are missing the bigger picture. Oppression, violence, and fear are the enemies hear, their cyclical nature is like a weed across humanity that touches race, gender, sexuality, and all kinds of humanity. It feeds like a cancer and when we attack each other, we’re like white blood cells, shutting down the organs rather than expelling the problem.

  • maki

    stop whining…specially the STRAIGHT ACTING GAY MEN…..with protection or without protection????? duh…….

  • JayKay


    If you believe gay men will benefit from this any more than straight men do(which is not at all, in fact it actively harms them), you must be on crack.

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