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Senate Democrats Push For Protections For LGBT Students

Senate Democrats pulled the rug out from under the LGBT community with immigration reform, so perhaps it’s a peace offering to have them introduce a measure to ban anti-LGBT discrimination in schools. The measure, the Student Non-Discrimination Act, has been folded into the broad “Strengthening America’s School Act of 2013.

The Act would allow the federal government to withdraw funding from schools that condone anti-LGBT discrimination among students.Sen. Al Franken sponsored the Act, as he did two years ago. Back then, Franken reluctantly withdrew the Act as an amendment to a larger education bill so that the bill would get bipartisan support in committee. Franken had promsied to reintroduce the measure on the Senate floor but never had a chance to do so.

The Student Non-Discrimination Act was introduced in the House last April by Rep. Jared Polis (D.) and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lentinen (R.!), where it stands virtually no chance of passage in the face of the GOP majority. Without prospects of passage by both houses, the odds of the measure’s success are about as dim as the collective intelligence of its opponents.


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  • balehead

    Considering all the people who tried to bully me in school were all Gay this bill would be

  • QueerSpring

    Unless this is changed that new law will continue to be meaningless
    Resolution of the Complaint Prior To the Conclusion of an Investigation

    A complaint may also be resolved before the conclusion of an investigation, if the recipient expresses an interest in resolving the complaint. If OCR determines that the resolution of the complaint before the conclusion of an investigation is appropriate, OCR will attempt to negotiate an agreement with the recipient. OCR will notify the complainant of the recipient’s request and will keep the complainant informed throughout all stages of the resolution process. The provisions of the resolution agreement that is reached must be aligned with the complaint allegations and the information obtained during the investigation, and must be consistent with applicable regulations. A resolution agreement reached before the conclusion of an investigation will be monitored by OCR.

    The laws listed in the new law are already protected

    However, no child is protected under these federal or state laws because no one enforces the laws. What happens instead is the child who is attacked is forced to drop out for their own safety. The school administrators who violate the laws are never penalized for breaking the law. The brats who bash remain in school. The school districts have to promise to make changes but the changes they make (if any) do nothing for the targets of bullies.

    This is the result of the three-year long investigation and “resolution” in Anoka-Hennipen School district

    The school district was allowed to plead NOT GUILTY, the students who were attacked dropped out for their own safety, the thugs remained in school, and the “Bullying” board left out a parent whose son killed himself but put in a gay bashing tyrannical theocRAT.

    The new impending law is not worth the paper it is written on if all it does it defund gay bashing schools, leaving gay bashers in school and forcing LGBT children to drop out for their own safey.

  • DickGreenleaf

    OT/ Congrats and Mazel Tov to Senator Franken who just became a grandfather.

  • brent

    @QueerSpring: You’re last paragraph was dead on. The problem will not be solved until we hold the teachers and students accoutable. The way to do that is through school choice. Make the schools compete with other schools and they will start being more responsive to the needs of all students. As long as the schools enjoy a monopoly they have no motive to change. By the way the standard that the senate is using would probably defund almost all public schools in the country.

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