Senate Votes 57-40 To Keep Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Alive And Well. So How About A Separate Vote?

In a 57-40 vote, the Senate failed to reach the necessary 60 votes move to block Republican opposition to debate (and vote on) the National Defense Authorization Act (aka the Pentagon’s spending bill), which had DADT repeal language attached. Democrats will point the fingers at Republicans (but not Susan Collins, who voted for the bill). Republicans will point the fingers at Democrats (but not Joe Manchin, who voted against it) for not giving them enough time for open debate. And then everyone will say it’s Harry Reid’s fault. And also the Human Rights Campaign, because that Joe Solmonese promised you! But here’s something interesting: Sens. Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins are telling the media right now they’ll hold a separate, standalone vote on repeal that won’t be attached to the NDAA. You know, because the sixty votes are there, but not here. It’s like whack-a-mole, but with people’s lives.

UPDATE: Obama is upset, y’all! The man prone to caving to conservatives even when it means the most needy people get the shaft is going to start blaming others when he only truly took up the DADT cause, like, yesterday: “I am extremely disappointed that yet another filibuster has prevented the Senate from moving forward with the National Defense Authorization Act. Despite having the bipartisan support of a clear majority of Senators, a minority of Senators are standing in the way of the funding upon which our troops, veterans and military families depend. This annual bill has been enacted each of the past 48 years, and our armed forces deserve nothing less this year. A minority of Senators were willing to block this important legislation largely because they oppose the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ As Commander in Chief, I have pledged to repeal this discriminatory law, a step supported by the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and informed by a comprehensive study that shows overwhelming majorities of our armed forces are prepared to serve with Americans who are openly gay or lesbian. A great majority of the American people agree. This law weakens our national security, diminishes our military readiness, and violates fundamental American principles of fairness, integrity and equality. I want to thank Majority Leader Reid, Armed Services Committee Chairman Levin, and Senators Lieberman and Collins for all the work they have done on this bill. While today’s vote was disappointing, it must not be the end of our efforts. I urge the Senate to revisit these important issues during the lame duck session.”

Notice how he doesn’t say “Republicans” once?

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  • papparon

    I’m outraged!
    I for one will stop paying income taxes in this country until LGBT rights are full and equal! I’ve had ENOUGH!

  • Joe

    This played out exactly how Obama wanted. He will say he tried, and he wanted it repealed, but he didn’t do any of his standard horse trading to get it done. When the new Congress is seated he will of course say he wants DADT repealed but he can’t because he doesn’t have enough Democratic votes. But, of course when he had a clear majority he didn’t make any deals with any of the Republicans (i.e. the way he has done with health care and with the Bush era tax cuts).

    Yet, there will surely be many gays and lesbians who will give him another pass.

    Obama makes me SICK!

  • Devon

    But you guuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssss! They got sooooooooooooo cloooooooooose! I’m sure if we all vote in 2012 and donate lots moar monies they’ll TOTALLY repeal it next [email protected]$ERS^FTAGN%^$%*&Y%RS#!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    @papparon: You will join Wesley Snipes in jail, which may not be all bad.

  • Montemalone

    What about the 3 who didn’t vote? Who were they and why didn’t they?

  • Michael

    @Joe: There’s probably truth in what you say, but for certain, the votes were not there. Harry Reid, and everybody else knew this. Of course this is a shame, but hardly a surprise.

  • Devon

    Anyway, according to Joe Lieberman’s Twatter, he and Susan Collins are planning on bringing a stand-alone repeal bill to the floor. Harry Reid is planning on using a technique that will allow it to skip committee and go right up for a vote. They seem to think they have 60 votes for a straight repeal without having to amend the DAB.


    I’ll just go ahead and file that under “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

  • Alex


  • Logic

    All you gays who criticize activisits, who are indifferent about getting involved in gay causes, who contribute to every other orginization minus your own communities, who don’t think gay rights is important…the blood of this bill is on your hands. We can’t SERVE the country that is fighting for freedom without having to hide our identity. We’re fighting for freedom and yet have NONE of our own. That speaks volumes to how damn weak our community is. Every single gay person should be *LIVID*
    But of course, those “str8 acting” gays will do their best to blend in and not care, and the rest will go clubbing and not care.
    This truly IS disgusting news.

  • AndrewW

    DADT Repeal should be the easiest LGBT issue to achieve.

    It now appears the only chance is if Republicans get what they want and extinguish the agreement that “no business until the government is funded and the tax issues are resolved,” Lieberman-Collins may be able to gather 60 votes. That possibility is hampered by the Democrats currently refusing to honor Obama’s “negotiated” tax/spending deal. It looks like an impasse and nothing will get done in this lame-duck session.

    It’s hard to tell if we really have more than 56 LGBT-supportive votes in the current lame duck Senate. Some who have expressed support for the end of DADT qualified it with “permission” from the Military.

    In January confirmed LGBT-supportive votes in the Senate will be reduced to only 54.

  • Logic

    @Michael: F*CK YOU! Your careless indifference is why gay rights is held back. You sit on your POS ass and criticize any gay rights, all activists, and adopt a “whatever” approach to anything our community seeks. It shouldn’t be our young gay youth taking their lives, people like YOU are wasting space on our planet.

  • Ross

    Yet a few more months (I think) before I decide to join the armed forces. -_-

  • Ted

    What a surprise.

  • On The Road

    All but one Democrat voted for repeal DADT. All but one Republican voted against repeal.

    Continue blaming Obama and the Democratic party if it makes you feel better about yourself. But when you’re ready to face reality, look across the aisle at the real culprits.

  • On The Road

    @Montemalone: Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter. Cloture votes require 60 yays regardless of how many Senators are present. If 64 Senators show up to work and 59 of them vote for cloture while 5 vote against it… the bill fails.

  • SteveAtlanta

    @On The Road: Are you kidding? Obama could have reversed it all with the stroke of a pen LONG ago. We all know that! Anyone with any sense knows that. You can continue being ignorant in bliss. Don’t sell us on that foolish claim. This all boils down to the commander in chief.

  • me

    okay, we will come out and support if the gay “community” can do the following:
    -stop the freekish cross dressing and animalistic gay parades
    -promise to KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON when representing equality. (Keep the thongs, and revealing clad away from our cause!)
    -stop trying to pass porn for “art” in the name of our cause
    I support equality for all, but i will in no way stand with the “freak show” that accompanies it!!

  • B

    No. 2 · Joe wrote, “This played out exactly how Obama wanted. He will say he tried, and he wanted it repealed, but he didn’t do any of his standard horse trading to get it done.”

    In fact, you don’t know if there was any horse-trading or not, nor do have any proof of your speculations about what Obama wants.

    The Republicans are clearly holding it hostage in an attempt to get everything they want. Their idea of horse trading is that the Democrats should be grateful if the Republicans take the horse and give next to nothing in return.

  • gaytravel

    It is just depressing that we have to fight to be the last one to the party. Every other Western nation has already figured this out and when the country finally gets it’s head out of it’s ass all the politicians will congratulate themselves on this triumph of civil rights when they should hang their heads in shame that this was even an issue.

  • Montemalone


    So what are you gonna do about the Housewives of whatever city and the situation with guidos om MTV and Playboy and Hooters and…

    All those hets are gross and disgusting

  • dvd

    The senate voted 57-40 to REPEAL Dont Ask Don’t Tell. The clear majority is on our side. The 60 vote thing needed to pass is rediculous.

  • Montemalone


    Actually, the repubs will take the horse and give you the horsepoop.

  • Joe

    @On The Road: Actually, you are the one with YOUR head in the sand. It is the President’s job to convince. He had no problem convincing a few republicans when it came to other issues. But, this guy is not willing to roll up his sleeves when it comes to LGBT issues.
    You are the token patsy that the Democratic party needs to convince.
    Dude, you are a freakin’ joke.

  • Joe

    @B: all you are is apologist and defender of Obama. No matter the topic you rush to his defense. You post whenever anyone, especially when I make comments critical of Obama.
    I know you work for the HRC.
    And if you don’t you sure should!

  • tjr101

    Didn’t Republican senator Scott Brown just say the other day that he will vote for repeal? Scott Brown is a liar, and I hope the people of Mass. are proud of themselves.
    And for those blaming Obama for this, you’re completely reckless and naive about how our government works.

  • matt

    Yall seem to be only reading partial information here… the vote was for the stupid Arms Spending bill to be passed as is without debate… the idiot Ried refused to let ther bill be debated because he did not want to let the imigration part of this bill be stripped out nor the discussion on why spend billions on a plane the airforce does not want… But it is a another Bill that Nancy (P) is sending up without reading!

    And we wonder why the democrats are losing seats in Congress and we will have a Republican President in 2012… duh

  • Joe

    @tjr101: You’re pretty dumb yourself. Why not read why those Republicans did not sign on. The said they needed 4 days to debate this topic and also wanted to make some amendments to the Defense Bill. Reid rushed this through.
    Educate yourself before you post and show your ignorance.

  • tjr101

    @Joe: Where have you been the last two years? The Republicans just want to run out the clock adding numerous ridiculous amendments, they will NEVER vote for repeal. The tax cuts is what matters to them. You are the dumb one!

  • Joe

    @tjr101: Good point. Just give more money to the HRS and to the Democrats in general. I am sure they will fight harder next time! It’s never their fault. It’s not a big deal anyway. There are more important issues to worry about?

    We have people who have died and are willing to die for this country who happen to be gay, yet you and people like “B”, just want us to shut our mouths and keep our wallets open to Obama and the crew.

    Ummm, no thanks.

  • Jim Hlavac

    All politics aside, it’s funny in a sad way that to be honorable members of our armed forces some must lie so other don’t freak out at the truth and reality. And there is no honor in lying. None.

    The vote should have been a stand alone anyway. Indeed, if Senator McCain wants to study the issue he ought to call for a National Commission on Gay Americans. For some claim we are a threat to the nation itself. And it behooves this nation to figure us out — along with DADT, DOMA and the plethora of laws still against us, or not including us. So that we either don’t destroy the nation as some suggest we will, or we’re included as nature intended. But this limbo of sullen tolerance is a bit ridiculous.

    It’s also too bad for many who are opposed to our existence, for this will merely set up the next round of debate. They’re waterboarding themselves in thinking they’re going to put us back into the closet, or make us shut up. For we are the most obstinately peaceful people on earth, with the longest running series of annual protest parades, in our quest to be included. And it’s a world wide movement now, too.

  • tjr101

    @Joe: Can you point out where exactly in my post I said you should donate money to Obama and HRC?
    What I am saying is that it doesn’t make sense placing all the blame on Obama and the Dems when every bill brought to the floor is filibustered by the other side. DADT was brought to the floor on two previous occasions this year and failed. What makes you think the other side would vote for it now?

  • Ronbo

    How did it fail? With all those calls and arm twisiting and …, well wait, Obama didn’t lift a finger, did he?

    Instead, Obama did what the CIA requested. Any question that his “leadership” is clearly missing? Did he have meetings to ensure that the richest 2% of Americans kept their big tax reduction? Yes, he did that without being asked. Gosh, he doesn’t seem to eschew Democratic ideals.

    Google: Obama, his first post-college job, “Business International Corporation”, and CIA. He is not the man the mainstream media told us that he is. He never will be that man.

  • Joe

    @tjr101: All Obama had to do was convince 2 GOP senators. All he had to do was entice them with something in order for them to vote for the repeal.
    He has done it on other issues….but, not on this issue. That’s why the blame lies with Mr. Obama.
    He didn’t do a damn thing!
    He could have thrown some highway funds to Massachusetts or some enticements to Maine. If highway funds wouldn’t do the trick then he could have found their soft spots. But, this guy did NOTHING.
    Apologists like you make sure why at best our movement is always treading water.
    We elected this man to get things done. He can get things done when it comes to health care and with regard to takes for the richest two percent, but, this issue is not as important to him…but, its important the brave gays and lesbians serving. People who are braver than my wimpy ass. If those people can put their lives in the line, when people like me are scared of their own shadow..the least I can do is allow them to serve!

  • On The Road

    @Montemalone: I’ve got my head in the sand? You are blaming a Democratic president that is despised by congressional Republicans for not being able to convince them to vote a certain way. The fact is, Republicans have shown they will obstruct Obama’s agenda 100%, all the way.

    Please, vote against Obama in 2012. See how much better off we are under a Republican administration.

  • On The Road

    Response was meant for @Joe, not @Montemalone. My apologies.

  • On The Road

    @Joe: Republican Senator says: “We need more time to debate.”

    Translation: “We need hundreds more hours of pointless hearings to come to the same conclusion we’ve already made, it’s a great stalling tactic!”

    Don’t kid yourself into thinking the vote would’ve been any different if Reid has acquiesced to the demands of the 41-member minority party.

  • a

    Obama playing the innocent card yet again. Surprise of the month.

  • Devon

    Dear Obamabots,

    Just because the Republicans are bad, it doesn’t make the Dear Leader good. He refuses to stop discharges by executive order. He appealed the court ruling that ruled it unconstitutional, bringing the policy back from the dead. He told congress to strip the non-discrimination language out of the repeal bill because the military told him to. He commissioned a ridiculous and unnecessary survey on the issue that pushed the repeal back to the end of the year. He continues to willingly fire gay soldiers. The Republicans are bigoted assclowns, but that doesn’t excuse Obama.

    XOXO, Thinking People Everywhere

  • Joe

    @On The Road: Right, right, I know. Nothing is ever Obama’s fault. I will keep telling that to myself tonight and in the morning maybe I’ll be as apologetic as you are. We are all very lucky to share the world with Obama, what an honor it is.

  • tjr101

    @Joe: Why do you think DADT is being included in the Defense bill to begin with? Who do you think is the actual driving force to get this repealed through the legislature? Who do you think got Mike Mullen to come out in support of repeal?

  • Joe

    @tjr101: No matter what is said you reply back with a pro Obama line. From what has been released on Wikileaks it shows that is is not much different from any other politician. Yet you keep believing in him. He is mortal, he is a politician. He is not a god or God. He is not infallible. Stop praying at his altar.

  • kokobean

    Gays be serious and stop being silly. Obama may not be the fierce lion we wanted but i mean cmon this is not his fault. The repubs hate his ass….you can literally smell it in the air. They have done everything they can to attack him, hate on him and discredit him. And well i admit he is not exactly helping himself but hes right where they want him. Stop playing into the repubs’s hands. They do not want DADT repealed. They do not. Fact. But as we now have a republican majority i dont know what you want Obama to do. What can he possibly do here? Instead of blasting him, profer a solution. The man is bending over to make concessions just because he knows how powerful they are. Republicans are powerful. they have the money and yes, the support to make shit happen. Democrats do not have 1/5th of that power and they know it. I mean it took 2 YEARS just 2 years for you all to turn against the dems. Repubs have had followers that have stayed decades despite the racist, homophobic and hate filled rhetoric they’ve been spewing.
    The only way DADT will be repealed is by a fucking miracle. Republicans are back, bitches!!

  • tjr101

    @Joe: “He is mortal, he is a politian. He is not a god or God.”

    You said it! He is not god and is a politician, yet some of you act as if he can wave a magic wand and all things will fall into place.

  • Kev C

    Many people foresaw this occurrance, but not the administration?

    We also foresee that gays will be even angrier at the Obama administration when the formally appeal the LCR v USA ruling in January.

  • [email protected]

    For all of the bullshit…and outright homohating evil…exhibited by the Repugs…and various failures of Dem members of Congress and of ALL of “Gay, Inc.,” there is ONE person responsible for the failure today:

    1. The same person who promised in 2007 that, “As president, I will work with Congress and place the weight of my administration behind enactment of the Military Readiness Enhancement Act[MREA], which will make nondiscrimination the official policy of the U.S. military,” …and then sat on his ass except to back Gates’ demand that the MREA be gutted.

    “Pelosi said the House WEAKENED ITS REPEAL LANGUAGE TO MOLLIFY THE WHITE HOUSE. Military leaders REFUSED TO ACCEPT LANGUAGE THAT WOULD BAR DISCRIMINATION, so the clause was dropped.” – “The Huffington Post,” June 3, 2010.

    2. The same person who promised in 2007: “I will task the Defense Department and the senior command structure in every branch of the armed forces with developing an action plan for the implementation of a full repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” ….and then backed Gates’ scheme to, instead, come up with a study that would push the vote to today’s disaster.

    3. The same person who said in 2007: “That work should have started long ago. It will start when I take office,”….but….see “sat on ass” above.

    4. The same person who said in 2007: “America is ready to get rid of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. All that is required is leadership,”…and then refused to provide it.

    5. The same person who Reid virtually begged LAST year to start providing that leadership.

    “I therefore request that you bring to Congress your recommendations on DADT. Your leadership is greatly … needed at this time.” – letter from Harry Reid, September 2009.

    6. The same person who Levin virtually begged in June of LAST year to start providing that leadership, saying, “This cannot be addressed successfully without that kind of leadership.”

    7. The same person who had to be dragged by our allies in Congress to agreeing to support ANY vote in the House in May of this year.

    “The final push [for ‘repeal’] came from the Hill, where key members of Congress who support ‘repeal’, like Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), the powerful chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, made it clear that they were moving forward with ‘repeal’ legislation with or without the White House’s blessing.” – “Talking Points Memo,” May 26, 2010.

    8. The same person who has asserted that DADT is Constitutional when the Supremes have never ruled on it.

    9. The same person who’s refused to use his legal powers under federal law 10 USC 12305 to end gay discharges in the name of national security pending repeal even as he’s said they, “weaken national security,” and despite calls from Reid, Levin, Pelosi, and multiple other members of Congress to do just that.

    10. The same person who fought to kill three legal challenges to DADT, succeeding in killing one, and is now fighting to have the two rulings against the ban overturned.

    11. The same person being sued by the ACLU for perpetuating the Bush policy of giving gays discharged only 50% of the pay they have coming to them.


  • Joe

    @[email protected]: A”freakin”men to all you stated. I’ve never seen a better thought out response than yours.
    My hat is off to you!

  • reason

    @Ronbo: @Joe: Actually he did lift a finger he spent a lot of time yesterday calling various senators and instructed people in our community to call senators. Did you call any senators yesterday? Are you aware that the presidents best governor friend is in running Massachusetts? Scott Brown is not looking for highway funds he is to chicken to cross his puppet master John S. McCain. Those meetings were actually held to make sure the middle class keeps their tax cuts, that capital gains taxes don’t go up, student tax break, make work pay, reduce the payroll tax, and to extend unemployment. Also that DEAL was done as a horse trade to end DADT, vote on the START treaty, and vote on the DREAM act. What needs to happen is the house needs to pass the tax cuts. They are so worried about ideological purity that they are going to destroy the very middle class, poor, and GBLT community that they are trying to protect. The only reason we are in this scenario is because the same people that are crying about this deal were to cowardly to vote on tax cuts and the NDA before the election. The GOP wants four days of amendment so they can run out the clock and put a poison pill in the bill making sure nothing gets done.

  • kokobean


  • Joe

    @reason: So, according to you Obama made a deal with the Republicans regarding taxes and in return they would pass DADT?
    If so then they didn’t vote that way.
    So, then that means he is no longer in support of the tax deal he made with them?
    I am just trying to follow your scattered logic here.

  • Red Meat

    @SteveAtlanta: You realize that the next president does not have to abide previous presidents executive orders? Meaning DADT still would be alive and we would still be complaining about DADT – the law that would not being enforced but still in place.

  • Ronbo

    @tjr101: It’s not a magic wand. It’s called the telephone. Silly gays, they need special rights for everything!

  • Ronbo

    @reason: Yes, I did make calls to Sen. Bond and McCaskill. But, Obama did not make a single phone call. Just because you want it to be true does not make it so. Sometime the truth hurts.

    I don’t like that that he is a Religious bigot any more than you do. But, let’s not make things up out of whole cloth. Agreed?

  • reason

    @Joe: The point of the tax deal was not only to pass the middle class tax cuts and all the things I mentioned by to allow votes on everything else. The GOP said they will block everything until they get their tax cuts for the wealthy. The democrats already had two votes offering taxs cuts up to a million dollars that couldn’t get cloture. Hence Obama cut a deal, but that deal has to be Legislated! Granted Obama is not a monarch. The House thus far has not passed that deal and is actually talking about rejecting it on grounds of ideological purity ginned up by the Rachel Maddows and other cantankerous progressives. That is why we couldn’t get the rest of the GOP to move. I have no idea why they even had the vote today. Obama is caught in the middle of a congress that has been broken for decades. He tried to get them to resolve this impasse before the elections but the congress buckled because of elections. Now it is the lame duck session and he is trying to cut a deal because they are to inept to do their job and they attack him as weak.

  • reason

    @Ronbo: You are wrong he made several phone calls yesterday to all of the swing votes and leadership. I got an email yesterday telling me he was making the calls and instructing citizens to make calls also. He is really doing everything he can to push DADT, START, DREAM, and tax cuts(the only possible stimulus at this particular juncture) through. I don’t know why democrats always give in before the fight is over. It is funny because the same thing was happening this time last year and everyone was attacking the president and he and his congressional allies ended up delivering. This thing is not over yet stop whining and keep fighting.

  • reason

    @Ronbo: Thanks for calling your senators by the way.

  • Ronbo

    Reason – give it up. You are lying. Google for any (ANY) stories about Obama’s call for mustering votes on DADT today and yesterday. Not a single story!

    Stop misleading the readers on Queerty. We are done with your lies.

  • B

    No. 24 · Joe wrote, “@B: all you are is apologist and defender of Obama. No matter the topic you rush to his defense.”

    It is neither defending nor criticizing him to point out that you and anyone else posting comments here do not have a clue as to what Obama said or did not say in private conversations with various senators. It’s not like he set up a conference call with you so that you could listen in.

  • Ronbo

    So, Reason, you think that President Obama is emailing you? HA! That is a new one. I’m sure he is your IM buddy as well. Get a clue (!), and realize that he is not our friend. Just ask me about his opinion of my marriage (official in Canada) where he is on the record saying it isn’t valid because “God is in the mix.”

    Barry is not your friend or supporter. The email was probably to raise money from you.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Don’t embarrass yourself further.

  • Brutus

    What good would Obama calling around do? The Senators don’t answer to him, they answer to their States. All but one of the Democrats voted for this. Obama doesn’t have anything of value to offer to the Republicans to get them to vote for it.

    And I can’t BELIEVE people are begging for stop-loss. I remember being at protests just a few years ago when everyone was completely outraged at the use of stop-loss. Or have we already forgotten?

    The problem here is that the Senate is fucking BROKEN. It takes SIXTY FUCKING VOTES to get anything passed, thanks to the cloture rule. That is a HARD, HARD number to wrangle. The filibuster (which this lazy cloture rule essentially is) has its uses, maybe, but it needs to require a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington style performance — not a grant for Senators to kick back their feet and rule the entire government from a minority of one chamber of Congress. The problem is that the Democrats have no incentive to change the cloture rule because that will only make it easier for Republicans to pass things over the next two years. But something has to be done about it.

  • reason

    @Ronbo: I don’t appreciate you calling me a liar. This is the first part of the email that I received and I have received numerous emails this month alone. The president has made calls several times not just yesterday on this issue. His campaign arm OAF has also been working tirelessly on this. It really isn’t nice to malign people especially when they are working in your interest. December 8:

    The President has been on the phones.

    He’s asking lawmakers to finally end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” With a vote coming as soon as today, we need as many Americans as possible to join the effort.

    Right now, there are a handful of senators who will make all the difference. The last time repeal came up in the Senate, it failed by just two votes….



  • Scott

    @Ronbo — I googled just like you told Reason to. There was,of course, immediately a string of stories stating that President Obama was calling senators to get them to repeal DADT. Was your post just a lie, or are you just an idiot? Are you Republican troll? Really, pretty amazing. Anyway, here are just some of the stories:





  • reason

    @Ronbo: Nope the email was not to raise money it was to make phone calls. Yeah your marriage is not valid in the federal governments or my eyes and never has been, don’t need to ask a president to know that. I believe the president goes by Barack not Barry.

  • Joe

    @reason: Where in those links did it say that Obama made those calls that you referred to?
    All those links prove is that you are one of Barry’s foot soldiers.

    He could have addressed the nation yesterday or even after the defeat of DADT. He could have at least shown some of his false outrage.

    Well, maybe now if the courts do in fact overturn DADT, your Barry will not appeal. But, we all know he will appeal, as he already has.

  • whatever

    What’s the deal with Susan Collins? She sounds totally retarded when she speaks.

  • Jorge


    She has a speech impediment, you bigot.

  • reason

    Here is a link:


    So he is making calls and has his political arm working day and night to push repeal, but he is doing absolutely nothing huh. Just admit that you are uninformed and hate the president. So you must be one of Queerty’s foot soldiers because your posting or reading this site. How old are you three? Calling someone by a name he doesn’t use, you should head over to political and join the other pea brains in cracking the same elementary school jokes over and over again thinking they are cool. Pretty obvious who got picked on in school.

  • Mike B's Husband

    So it’s about time for Mr. Obama to put on his “commander-in-chief” hat and issue a direct order. We’ve all waited while he tried the legislative route, and it has failed. Sometimes, it takes a simple command, that Mr. Clinton wimped out on in 1993. If the Chiefs are ready to do the change, why not bypass the locked-up Senate and get it done?

  • reason

    @Mike B’s Husband: It is not over until the end of the lame duck. The vast majority of progressives thought that healthcare was over this same time last year, it passed. Hunker down and keep fighting.

  • Markie-Mark

    If Homophobama really wants to end DADT all he has to do is stop the appeal of the lcr case. End of discussion.

  • Markie-Mark

    @reason: Please learn the difference between “your” and “you’re.” Your poor grammar is almost as tiresome as your lies.

  • Markie-Mark

    I can’t wait to hear the speech that this arrogant pos will give to excuse his abject failure. I’m sure he’ll say it is all the gays’ fault.

  • ron

    Gay man are obsessed with sex far more than anyone, and would turn the military into one giant dating service if they could. Imagine Grindr installed on every military device. The Senate is wise in their decision. Stick to hair dressing, girls.

  • DavyJones

    @ron: troll harder.

  • damon459

    This is sick and not at all surprising look at us fighting amongst ourselves. We as a community are doing the same thing our government is doing pointing fingers while doing nothing bicker bicker fight fight it gets us nowhere. Until can unify ourselves we have no hope of getting the rights we deserve. The government isn’t going to just hand them to us. Before I vote for any candidate I ask them their views on gay rights sure it may sound like I’m being a one issue voter but which is more important a few bucks in your paycheck or the right to fight for this country openly and proudly, and marring the person you love without fear of losing your job? I’m sorry some things are just more important then tax cuts considering we have one of the lowest total tax burdens in the world those places lower then us are japan, korea, and mexico and frankly I’d rather be in the USA paying a few bucks more in taxes if in exchange I get ALL the freedoms I deserve. No politician is perfect but from the votes on this bill I think it’s safe to say I’d be better off voting Democrat at least 99% of the time vs. 1% of the time if I voted republican.

  • Red Meat

    @DavyJones: He likes it up the ass.

    Cries right after.

  • Joe

    @reason: So an aide said he is calling people? What aide?
    Why didn’t Obama give an interview to CNN, MSNBC, or even to FOX and publicly talk about the DADT issue? This source you’ve linked is utterly uknown.
    Why is he so clandestine about gay rights in general?
    Over my 40 years, I’ve been involved in a few issues namely gay rights and animal rights.
    For both causes, it’s one step forward and two back. And just when you think you’ve got someone behind you, in this case Mr. Obama, where he could use the goodwill of his office, he lets us down over and over.
    Will all you defenders keep defending him with all your might if he continues to use the courts to stop the enforcement of DADT?

    At what point is he responsible?
    Presumably you are willing to defend him, over your best interests.

    It’s obvious to so many here that you die-hard defenders are under the employ of his campaign and aren’t even gay at all..but, you try to quash opposition to Obama through forums such as this.

    You massive PR spins are reminiscent of Pravda.

    Wikileaks has proven that he is utterly Machiavellian and will go to any length to quiet the gay community.

  • reason

    @Joe: You clearly will not be satisfied until you hear the conversations on Wikileaks, I am looking forward to their trials. I get it now, over 40 years, you must be in your late 50’s-60’s. You have probably been betrayed and betrayed others so many times that you don’t trust anybody. I was starting to feel sorry for you, but then thought better of it. You are nothing more than a bitter old man that belongs to a generation that has destroyed this country. You failed the GBLT movement, now you are looking to place blame on anyone you can to make yourself feel better. Always looking to tear someone down, and my generation is washing our hands of your b.s.

  • Joe

    @reason: I am 40! You idiot.
    You are a wacko, you have some really deep seeded issues.

    Hold your president accountable!!!!!!

  • justiceontherocks

    @Reason – insulting people you don’t agree with is a poor way to get your point across. Especially when what you are typing doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    If you really think Obama handled this well, respond to all the points in post 45.

  • jason

    Obama has planned this repeal failure every step of the way. He was never for repeal. You only have to look at his guilty face. He has guilt written all over it, a kind of guilt that comes from lying repeatedly to your base in order to win votes.

    Obama is a master charlatan, a fraud, a liar, and a man who is unfit to sit in the Oval Office. Hopefully the few gays remaining who still love him will wake up before the crud of his shit has hardened on their faces.

  • jason

    Obama is our Benedict Arnold. Nuff said.

  • Soupy

    Say what you like about Obama. But it’s republicans who vote against any rights for gay people. Go ahead and vote for that.

  • robert in nyc

    Jason, good luck in 2012. You’ll have am antigay republican in the White House and an antigay administration that will continue to make sure that you never get your rights. I don’t care much for the democrats either, least of all Obama, but I’m damned if I’m going to give power to a party that thinks we should remain second class citizens and legislates for it. We only have a two party system in this country (I’m a registered Green). How could any sane gay man or woman support a party that doesn’t want them to have any equality? Its beyond sick and so are those who vote for them, in fact voting against themselves. At least a majority of democrats support us even if they can’t deliver everything we want. At least they try. The GOP will deliver NOTHING favoring LGBT people, make no mistake about that.

  • Daez

    The entirety of next week will be dedicated to talking about tax code. There is no way that the tax code issue will be decided before the end of the lame duck session unless the compromise (which is inherently flawed and morally reprehensible) is agreed to. I would much rather see the time used for issues that affect all Americans than an issue that affects 1% of 10%.

    Seriously, we are fighting for the right to go to war for a country that doesn’t even bother to treat us as human beings. I think the fight should be to be treated like human beings way before we start fighting for a country that subjugates us at every turn.

  • jason

    And what have Democrats done in all the years they’ve occupied the White House? Diddly squat, that’s what.

    Under the blow job-receiving Democrat President of the 90’s, we got DOMA and DADT, two oppressive pieces of legislation which still persist today. Under the treacherous current Democrat President, all we get is words and no action. The man’s a poet, not a President.

    If you want to vote for the traitor currently occupying the White House, go right ahead. Just don’t come running to me for toilet paper to wipe the shit off your face.

  • Daez

    @Joe: Yes, because DADT is completely on the same level as health care (people don’t need to live ya’ll) and Bush tax cuts combined with extending unemployment (because the rich have to stay rich and the “poor” need to keep making their car payments and buying their ipods instead of settling for a job that pays them less than they make on their unemployment based on a time of inflated wages).

  • reason

    @justiceontherocks: Hey he insulted me several times, got what he asked for. I have already respond to all of the points in that post before and am not going to spend an hour doing it now. Long in the short of it is in 2009 the focus was on health care all the way through spring of 2010. The president laid out in his state of the union that he wanted DADT repealed in January, there are millions of groups that didn’t get mentioned in that speech. If he wasn’t sincere why bother putting us in there, it is not as if he really needs this community. If you go back you will see that the person that drafted post 45 attacked him over the next few days after his state of the union. That same person has attacked him since he was sworn in, it is not about GBLT rights it is about jealousy and hatred. The president has got the Sec. Defense and Chairman of JCOS on his side and has been working on the issue. The lame duck session is not over and yall are already attacking and waving the white flag. Why don’t people continue calling their senators and supporting the effort so we can get it done?

  • Daez

    @Devon: So true, I mean, we wall decided to vote Republican this time and give them a major land slide, and look where we will be in 2012. We can then elect Sarah Palin and watch as the constitution is ratified to outlaw civil unions. You really need to realize that politics is not now, nor ever will be, about voting for the person you like. Politics is about voting for the person you hate least.

  • reason

    @Joe: Interesting, so you have been working on those issues since you popped out of your moms womb. You’re still old enough to be a loser. Your definition of holding someone accountable is attacking them nonstop on a blog.

  • Daez

    @Logic: I hate to break it to you, but here goes.

    We don’t give a fuck because the vast majority of us simply don’t care. I personally could give a rip about marriage, I could give a rip about DADT and I could even give a rip about ENDA.

    Many of us have chosen not to assimilate to straight culture. Your fighting for marriage rights is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to say that you want what straights have. I personally think that our relationships can do better than a legacy of dowry and the abuse of women.

    ENDA will be decided in the eyes of employers when they make their own rules based on who they will hire. If a company is actually in need of ENDA to force them to hire you, you DO NOT want to work there anyway.

    DADT is a joke because we have gay men and women that realize they don’t get treated equally that are willing to sign up and be bitch slapped by Uncle Sam.

    Therefore, all this activism that is getting us nowhere is pretty much all directed at pointless causes anyways, and gay activists step over a line when they honestly believe that gay causes should come before taxes, health care and the economy.

    I don’t really give a damn who likes where I put my dick when its quite obvious I can’t stay healthy, keep food in my mouth or keep a roof over my head while I’m putting my dick wherever I put it.

  • IanPolloss

    The Obama Administration should really just drop the gay community, its not worth it to keep putting up with their crap.

  • Daez

    @me: You support assimilation for all, and might as well go off in a corner and be straight. You have ABSOLUTELY no sense of what true equality means for anyone or you wouldn’t try to force your sense of moral values upon others.

    ;tl,dr: You go to heaven (since you think that is where your superior moral “integrity” is taking you) and you die! Also, HOW DARE YOU JUDGE OTHERS WHEN I AM SURE YOUR CLOSET IS BY NO MEANS CLEAN!

  • Daez

    @Joe: No, its the presidents job to lead the armed forces and to sign or veto bills. Its his desire to try to lead the congress in how they vote and what bills they find important. Obama is smart enough to know that DADT is not worth the wast of political capital when there are so many more important issues.

    The right to serve in the military isn’t nearly as important if there is no military because we decide to let the economy go to hell while political time and capital is wasted on that right.


    Boy and Girlz……….4get about it. The repugnaticans will simply not allow this to be repealled. Obama could have issued an EO ten minutes after he was inagurated and the matter could have been settled. The repugnaticans are the most cowardly, reprehensive, disgusting bunch of miscreants to ever take an oath of office. They will appropriate billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries who piss all over the US yet they would not support the Zagora bill for 9/11 respondors. They are no better than Bin Laden……………..

  • Joe

    @Daez: Exactly, thats all I am saying. Obama knows that DADT is not worth it! He never intended to end the practice and he isn’t going to put it to and end.
    Case closed, we agree finally.

    Obama lied to the gay community.

    Thats how politics goes sometimes.

    He is a premier politician, a master.

  • Daez

    @Mike B’s Husband: I’d rather not see Obama hand over the presidency to Sarah Palin by making such a stupid mistake, but if you think that is all well and good I honestly do not know what to tell you.

    Lets put aside the fact that any executive order would expire in two years, did you not pay any attention to what happened to the judges in Iowa? When a very small group of people decides to over step the bounds of what the community they represent actually wants then they get kicked out of office at the next available opportunity.

  • Daez

    @damon459: The MYTH of the gay community is just that.

    Secretly, the gays hate the lesbians, the lesbians hate the gays, we all hate the transgenders unless we are one, and most of the time we dislike each other.

    Gay males have done more to damage each other than any law ever has, and most of us don’t even have many truly close gay friends because we simply don’t trust other gay people.

  • Daez

    @jason: Funny how you say that.

    I honestly don’t see Bush changing the bylaws of the organization that governs medical hospitals in this country to force hospitals to allow people to see their dieing partners.

    I would have to say that that alone is a huge aspect of what many wanted out of the fight for marriage equality. With that argument averted, it is now possible to go to a lawyer and get every single right you would get from marriage through a set of contractual documents except for tax rights.

  • Daez

    @Joe: Where we would disagree is that President Obama lied to the gays. Candidate Obama lied to everyone, but would you seriously rather have McCain? As I have always said, politics is voting about the lesser of two evils.

    It has become quite clear since Obama took office that he wanted to keep DADT as far away from his hands as possible. Without doing the research, I’m willing to bet any claims he made about DADT repeal as a candidate came when he was running against Hilary not when he was running against McCain.

  • Joe

    @Daez: I wanted Hillary to win. And you are right, I think his responses regarding DADT were regarding Hillary.
    You need to get a show on MSNBC.
    You’re pretty smart.

  • Vic Smith

    Remember Obama put the full force of the justice department against the judge who overturned DADT. All he had to do was nothing and . . . poof . . . problem solved.

    Now he tries to blame the republicans. Poor form.

  • Vic Smith

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: So, Obama could have issued an EO, or better yet not had his justice department appeal the judge who overturned DADT (remember it was not law for a few weeks), but yet you still foam at the mouth blaming the republicans. Huh. . .


    @Vic Smith: I kinda sorta made both the points you attempt to point out……….I am as you put it “foaming at the mouth” because the slimebag reprehensive repugnaticans are giving a huge FUCK YOU to the thousands of people who spend countless hours at ground zero looking first for survivors and then remains to try and give famlies a measure of closure. Yet the vile republicans to a person refuse to approve the funding for the persons who are dying on a weekly basis………

    The islamic scumbag fundamentalists who savor the destruction of our nation are relishing the scumbag moves the repugnatican senators are making on this matter. Ten years after the attacks on 9/11 and the repugnatians are accesories to continued suffering to citizens of the US. Absolutly disgusting behaviour….

  • robert in nyc

    No. 102….what is truly amazing is that the teabaggers and their republican scumbag masters calling Obama un-American, when it is they who shifted millions of manufacturing jobs to “communist” China. Now how American is that I wonder? China has arguably the worst record on human rights violations of any. Helping a communist country rise to the second largest economy in the world is un-American and unpatriotic. The republicans are nothing more than self-serving, mean, greedy scum who want the wealthiest to reap the most so they can pour millions of dollars into the GOP coffers to buy elections. No jobs will result in lower taxes, look what happened under Bush 43, they all went to China, India and elsewhere. The republicans don’t give a damn about the middle class, they only care about money and power, and absolute power corrupts. Holding the unemployed to ransom has to be the dirtiest trick they can come up with just so they can give the selfish greedy millionaires and billionaires and their corporate gang pay fewer taxes if any. Its beyond immoral, absolutely disgusting. They haven’t even come up with a solution as to how and who will pay for these cuts, adding countless billions more to the deficit and they call themselves fiscal conservatives? Bullshit! They’re the biggest spenders of all especially on wars which they love and almost always leave a huge deficit when they leave office then turn around and blame it on the democrats. Pure evil!

  • customartist

    Americans want DADT Repealed!

    Call and Email your Senators:

    Tell them that they must vote in line with the “Will of the American People”

    Here are the ones that voted against you:
    (so you can vote against them in the next elections)

    Alexander, Lamar
    Barrasso, John
    Bennett, Robert F.
    Bond, Christopher S.
    Brown, Scott P.
    Brownback, Sam
    Bunning, Jim
    Burr, Richard
    Chambliss, Saxby
    Coburn, Tom
    Cochran, Thad
    Corker, Bob
    Cornyn, John
    Crapo, Mike
    DeMint, Jim
    Ensign, John
    Enzi, Michael B.
    Graham, Lindsey
    Grassley, Chuck
    Gregg, Judd
    Hatch, Orrin G.
    Hutchison, Kay Bailey
    Inhofe, James M.
    Isakson, Johnny
    Johanns, Mike
    Kirk, Mark
    Kyl, Jon
    LeMieux, George S.
    Lugar, Richard G.
    McCain, John
    McConnell, Mitch
    Murkowski, Lisa
    Roberts, Pat
    Sessions, Jeff
    Shelby, Richard C.
    Snowe, Olympia J.
    Thune, John
    Vitter, David
    Voinovich, George V.
    Wicker, Roger F.

    Sens. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) didn’t vote
    Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) voted against
    Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) didn’t vote

  • jason

    Obama will try and use the failure of DADT repeal to triangulate around us, to indicate to the Right that he’s not going to bow to those “wicked gays”. It’s the Clinton strategy. Mark my words, this is what he’s going to do.

    Unfortunately for Obama, it’s not going to work. The modern GLBT community is a lot more savvy than it was in the 90’s during Clinton’s reign. Secondly, Obama is treacherous. Clinton was bumbling and confused, Obama is treacherous.

    Obama won’t be forgiven. Expect a one-term President who will then fade into oblivion as the complete and utter loser that he was.

  • robert in nyc

    So Jason, what will the next republican administration give you? Name one piece of legislation they’ve crafted favoring gay people and if they haven’t, why? Forget about the civil libertarians, they’re not going to get elected ever just like my party the Greens. So what’s your solution after Obama and the dems leave in 2012? Palin, DeMint, Huckabee and all the other scumbags in the GOP even want civil unions banned. The Log Cabin lawsuit didn’t get very far did it and had no support from the GOP either. Ever wondered why? At least the dems tried and only one republican. Is that the best the GOP can do? THey’re no better, in fact far worse.

  • Soupy

    By all means, vote republican. And send your cheques to Tony Perkins. He will help you ungay yourself.

  • [email protected]


    Given what you call “facts,” I’d recommend you ask for a second opinion before you buy Shinola that might actually be shit.

    A President’s Executive Order does NOT “expire” upon someone else taking office. It has to be reversed by another Executive Order as Clinton did Eishenhower’s ban on federal gay employees over HALF A CENTURY after it was issued.

    [Where’s your concern that the current amendment/bill…unlike the Military Readiness Enhancement Act that Obama let Gates gut….contains NOTHING that would prevent a worst case scenario future Pentagon/President starting discharges again even IF it passes and even IF this Pentagon ever implements it?]

    With the majority of the American people, from liberals to conservatives and a majority of both houses of Congress [both votes for cloture in the Senate got 57 votes] supporting open service, there is NO evidence that such an order from Obama would backfire with the majority of voters.

    And, once again, for those unaware, Obama HAS the legal power to do just that in the name of national security under powers given to the Presidency BY CONGRESS in federal law 10 United States Code § 12305”— “Authority of the President to Suspend Certain Laws Relating to Promotion, Retirement, and Separation.” It reads [emphasis mine]:

    “Notwithstanding ANY other provision of law, during any period members of a reserve component are serving on active duty pursuant to an order to active duty under authority of section 12301, 12302, or 12304 of this title, THE PRESIDENT MAY SUSPEND ANY PROVISION OF LAW relating to promotion, retirement, OR SEPARATION applicable to ANY member of the armed forces who the President determines is essential to the national security of the United States.”

    That 1983 law has already been ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court. A supermajority vote is required for Congress to override any executive order, and they’d never get it.

    In June of LAST year, Obama himself said such discharges “weaken national security.”

    “Stop-loss” of gay discharges has been applied at various points during every conflict we’ve fought going all the way back to WWII [despite the endless regurgitating of Pentagon lies by the terminal Obambot posting under the ludicrous Nom de Net “Reason” appearing in 10, 9, 8, 7…].

    That it would not technically “repeal” the law is beside the point. A law that can’t be enforced, AGAIN under the powers created BY CONGRESS, is moot.


  • Queer Supremacist

    Impeach Buttcrack Hussein Osama.

    Impeach Joe the Plagiarist.

    Impeach John McBreeder.

    Impeach That Mormon.

    Impeach Stasi Pelosi.

    Is there any fucking difference in voting for a Republican than for a Democrat? Either way they will fight to keep us as nonpersons forced to violate God’s law in order to serve a country that doesn’t deserve us.

    God damn America. God bless the 38 countries that allow its gay citizens to serve in their defense.

  • Erwin

    Why is everyone so impatient. Change has never occurred overnight. Keep your head up. Stop being divisive and fight the Good Fight.

  • jason

    I’ll be sending my money to those who are truly pro-gay, not frauds like Obama and Pelosi.

    It’s time we triangulated back. Keep in mind that Obama is triangulating in order to get back into the good books of conservatives – witness his tax cut extension, for instance, as well as his failure to do the hard yards on DADT repeal.

    Well, I’ve got news for you, Obama. We in the GLBT community are going to start triangulating back. We will no longer vote for frauds like yourself. We will consider each candidate on his or her own merits regardless of whether they are Democrat or Republican.

  • Soupy

    When you find a republican who will grant you equal rights under the law, you let us all know about it please. Because I will personally kiss his/her ass.

  • DavyJones

    @jason: I don’t think triangulating means what you think it means…

  • Jason

    @[email protected]: JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP [email protected]. Do you know how TIRED we are of your bull-shit. Enough already. Jesus fucking christ.

  • damon459

    @Daez: I don’t secretly hate anyone I have friends who are Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual,Transgender,unsure, and straight. I also believe we can if we choose get along and find common ground maybe it’s because I live in a state (Montana) with less people the most big cities.

  • robert in nyc

    No. 111 Jason…I think you would be hard-pressed to find one republican you could vote for based on his or her merits. As I said in a previous statement, the GOP has never authored one bill granting LGBT any rights and you have to ask yourself why. The Log Cabiners are delusional if they really believe they can change their party from within. I’ve not seen the GOP concede one iota of support for LGBT people on anything in spite of any dialog between LC and their party.

  • robert in nyc

    No. 111 Jason…I think you would be hard-pressed to find one republican you could vote for based on his or her merits. As I said in a previous statement, the GOP has never authored one bill granting LGBT any rights and you have to ask yourself why. The Log Cabiners are delusional if they really believe they can change their party from within. I’ve not seen the GOP concede one iota of support for LGBT people on anything in spite of any dialog between LC and their party. Its a notorious breeding ground for self-loathers such as Ken Mehlman, Mark Foley and others who consistently voted against legislation providing rights for LGBT people. DADT and DOMA are just two examples. They all voted in lockstep with the rest of their party. The GOP will NEVER support ENDA either. Their teabagger scum and right wing religious base are more important to them than our rights. They have no problem relegating us to permanent second class status because we don’t fit into their view of what is normal. They hate us more than you know, even more than some in the Democratic party.

  • reason

    @jason: Who are you kidding, Obama’s base is still standing strong. His support among the educated (especially individuals with postgraduate degrees), African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and the youth is unwavering. Hence why he is out polling Clinton, Regan, H.W. Bush, Carter during similar times in their presidencies. Shifting to the center which is the only way to get things done come 2011 will actually help him pull the moderates and independents that he needs to win in 2012. He is not triangulating becuase his ideals have not changed, he still doesn’t support giving tax cuts to people over 250,000. The term comes from Clinton who’s ideological distanced himself from the democratic party to put them beside and beneath him, it is a big difference.

  • robert in nyc

    118 Reason, you are right in one area, Obama’s support among those groups you mentioned is far higher than it was for Clinton, Regan, Bush and Carter, and Clinton won a second term with low support. However, the progressives in the democratic party are not going to be there for Obama I don’t think in 2012. He’s totally ignored them when he started caving in on the public option that he campaigned on, among other things. I don’t think he will win unless there is a drastic recovery in jobs and the economy and I don’t see that happening. Tax cuts NEVER produced jobs or stimulated job growth. Our manufacturing base has disappeared and gone to China,India and elsewhere, we just don’t make much anymore. Giving tax cuts (voodoo economics) has never worked. It didn’t work under Reagan and it didn’t work under Bush 43 for eight years. In fact it increased the deficit to the highest in the nation’s history and the democrats were blamed once Obama took office, not that I’m enamored of him, far from it. Also of note is the fact that under Bush 43, government spending was at an all time high. The republicans are not the fiscal conservatives they claim to be. Where are the funds coming from to pay for these tax cuts I wonder? The GOP hasn’t mentioned a word. They’ll have to borrow as usual to pay for them and then dump the responsibility on the democrats. All Obama is doing is endorsing failed Bush policies so he won’t lose favor with the unemployed and his base. I doubt if he stands a chance of re-election of the two conditions I raised don’t materialize before 2012. I just don’t see it happening. I’m a Green and voted for him in 2008. I won’t be doing it again. What he has done is not what I voted for and that’s a big issue among progressives, huge.

  • James

    What did all the money GetEQUAL spent get us? jack squat!

  • Danny

    Now hopefully the GLBTA community can now fully appreciate why the USA Black community goes absolutely riotous whenever the slightest injustice occurs to the USA Black community by the government. Going angrily medieval reminds the country that perpetuating injustice will just trigger upheaval that everyone will feel. It is like when GLBTA Americans went medieval in the White Night riots after the slap-on-the-wrist verdict for the murderer in the Harvey Milk/Mayor Moscone assassination trial.

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