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Senator Abandons Hope Of Giving America Hotter President Than Obama

Sen. John Thune, the South Dakota Republican, has ended speculation that he might run for president in 2012. Instead he’ll continue being a conservative prick in the Senate; “There is a battle to be waged over what kind of country we are going to leave our children and grandchildren, and that battle is happening now in Washington, not two years from now.” Hey, that still leaves megahunk Tim Pawlenty.

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  • gray hunt

    Ever notice how low types like Queerty and the rest of looney left can not even post a comment without using some kind of gutter talk. The people are waking up to who the real PRICKS are. As of nov. 2nd 2012 the US will be prick free. Remember Nov. 2010 Prickey-poos ? obama hot ! You got to be kidding.

  • Soupy

    Really? Between Ann Coulter calling people “faggots” and Rush Limbaugh the U.S. will never be prick free.

  • tjr101

    John Thune i.e. Another old, white, rich, right-wing bigot…Next!

  • John

    Even ignoring his right-wing politics, he’s not what I’d call ‘hot.’

    His face looks sort of wasted away… too thin.

  • Dandy

    He is not hotter than Obama!!

  • Sed

    Who the fuck thinks that John Thune is hotter than Obama!

  • catholicbitch13

    What?! You (queerty) THINK OBAMA IS HOT!? ARE YOU GUYS BLIND!?

  • Harbo

    I have 20/20 and yes, I think Obama is hot.

  • justiceontherocks

    Great news for Obama. Thune is one of the very few Repubs with any kind of chance. (Unless the economy gets a lot worse and then they’d all have a chance.)

  • seattle guy

    Obama is definitely hot.

  • beergoggles

    Why do people think Thune looks hot? He looks like Skeletor.

  • whatever

    @gray hunt: aww. you repubs are so delusional. the voters are already having buyers remorse with the republican congress. they were voted in because of the job situation and what do they do first? pass abortion legislation? wtf?

  • Brandon

    I’m still waiting for the republicans to focus on JOBS!!!! thats what they promised us right?

  • robert in NYC

    Pawlenty a megahunk? Are you for real, Queerty! Now if it were Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, then I’d agree.

    Brandon and Whatever…yes, the republicans promise to create more jobs but guess what, not for Americans. The Chinese and the Indians, among others will be the sole beneficiaries. We have next to no manufacturing base in this country, more than 42,000 factories shut down in the past decade, no thanks to them. They’re also trying to destroy unions which is what we’re seeing in Wisconsin and elsewhere so that the corporate elite can continue shafting the middle class.

    The teabagger teaparty scum have made it clear that they don’t want government involved in anything and that spending must be cut. Well then, I say this to them…why aren’t they asking the entire GOP in the house to surrender their federal health insurance coverage,decline social security when they retire including medicare, and lastly, their federal pensions, since they obviously don’t need any of it? They clearly aren’t leading by example are they. Hypocrites of the worst kind!

  • disco lives

    Thune was actually the only normal potential candidate to run against President Obama. Now let the GOP primary freak-fest begin.

  • Jesus H Christ

    This is a terrible picture of Thune. He is definitely a hottie. The Repuke-lican John Edwards. I wish someone would out him. You know that both women and men are throwing themselves at him. I’d do him in a heartbeat. We don’t have to talk politics.

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