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Senior Department of Justice official fired for watching sexually explicit images at work

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Trump’s Department of Justice has generally been a source of misery for LGBTQ Americans and its queer employees. But at least one senior department official enjoyed their time there by looking at digital smut on their workplace computer … until they were caught and forced to resign.

Although the official wasn’t named, CNN reports that the DOJ began a search for someone who’d been viewing adult content on at least two DOJ computers. They ended up (ahem) fingering a now-former deputy assistant attorney general, though it’s unclear when he viewed the smut or when the investigation took place.

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CNN reports:

According to the summary released Thursday, the official was seen watching p*rn and the inspector general (IG) later found a number of sexually explicit images had been accessed on the two computers issued to the official.

The official initially lied to investigators about having viewed the material on his work computer, the IG stated, but in a second interview “ultimately admitted” that he “may have intentionally accessed p*rnographic websites using government computers.”

“May have intentionally accessed” it? What is he, a preteen learning to use the world wide web? Of course he intentionally accessed it, unless he unintentionally Googled an innocent sounding euphemism like “watersports” or “rusty trombone.”

The workplace pocket pool player wisely resigned before the investigation concluded.

We almost feel sorry for for the guy except he works for a department that has steadily been eroding LGBTQ rights ever since Trump took office.

In an April 2019 poll, only 10% of the DOJ’s LGBTQ employees agreed with the statement, “The Department of Justice attracts and retains the best LGBTQ talent.” Furthermore, the DOJ has been supporting so called “religious freedoms” that allow discrimination against queer people.

Considering that, it’s no wonder one of its employees watched a little smut to brighten his workday.