Senior State Department official busted for lying on resume once released a Christmas album

OK, nobody panic, but… A senior official from inside Trump’s State Department has just been busted for lying on her resume, falsifying her professional and educational background, and even creating a fake Time magazine cover with her face on it, all to get the job, and… she still got the job!

Mina Chang is the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, a position she’s held since April of this year.

According to her resume, the 35-year-old is a Harvard grad with tons of experience working in the nonprofit sector, including doing humanitarian aid in 40 different countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, and the Philippines. Not only that, but she once held a position at the United Nations, has spoken at both the Republican and Democratic conventions, and even testified before Congress. In addition, of course, to being on the cover of Time magazine!

But NBC News reports that almost none of that it actually true. And the stuff that is true, is largely embellished.

Chang is not a Harvard grad. But a spokesperson for Harvard Business School confirmed that she did attend a seven-week course in 2016, though she never earned a degree for it.

Chang also never spoke at any Republican or Democratic conventions, but she did speak at separate events held in Philadelphia and Cleveland around the same time as the conventions.

She also never worked at the United Nations, though she did speak on a panel there one time. Nor did she ever appear in Time, despite sharing a mock cover that purported to show her face to a TV reporter in 2017.

Prior to her career in the State Department, Chang was an aspiring singer, who sang in both English and Korean. Her last album was released in 2009. It was a jazzy Christmas album titled “The Holiday Album” that is currently available to stream on Spotify. She also maintains an Instagram page with approximately 42K followers. Her most recent post shows her jamming out at a Lenny Kravitz concert.

Last year, Chang was being considered for a more prominent role within the State Department in which she would have overseen a budget of over $1 billion, but upon learning she would have to participate in a Senate hearing before getting the job, she withdrew her nomination.

Evidently, nobody in the White House is vetting candidates before giving them top positions inside our nation’s government. Which makes us wonder… who the hell else has managed to slip in through the cracks?

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