Separate But Equal? Old Dominion Offers Special Housing For Gay Students

Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, is allocating a group of dorm rooms specifically for LGBT students, as part of the school’s Living Learning Communities program, reports WTKR Channel 3.

Students with similar majors or interests are already offered the option of living together, ODU is just adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the list. Queer students will be housed in one of nine rooms inside a larger residence hall.

But is segregating LGBT college kids the way to go? How will it prepare them for life in the real world, where they might be the only lesbian or gay in the neighborhood? And will signing up for designated housing put a target on the backs of kids still navigating the coming-out process?

“Living on a floor with people who may not be accepting… you take that into consideration,” says Ellen Neufeldt, ODU’s vice president for student engagement. “Housing is open to everyone who applies. This isn’t going to change that.”

We hope Neufeldt has also taken into consideration the all-but-inevitable hookups that will happen in a gay dorm. That’s a lot of drama for one R.A. to handle.

What say you, graduates of Queerty U? LGBT dorms: Pass or fail? Turn in your answers in the comments

Photos: Old Dominion University

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