Serbian Hate Leader Mladen Obradovic Faces Charges Over Belgrade’s Violent Gay Pride Parade

Mladen Obradovic, the fanatical Serbian bigot who leads the the “ultranationalist” group Obraz, will face charges of inciting violence during Belgrade’s Oct. 10 gay pride parade, where more than 150 people — mostly police, but also revelers and spectators — were injured. Obradovic and two other Obraz members, who led an estimated 6,000 anti-gay protesters, were indicted just before Christmas and face 12-year prison sentences. Last year Obradovic successfully got Belgrade’s pride parade canceled by intimidating organizers so much police said they could not guarantee The Gays’ safety.


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  • kernelt

    good, give them some years in a cage for everyone sake.. and plus this will show other bigot that there is justice when you mess with the gay (LGBT) community.

  • redball

    Awww, Obradovic must REALLY love him some D I C K to be THIS invested in anti-gay hate. Poor baby!!

  • Jeffree

    It’s amazing to me that the anti-gays, whether in Serbia, Russia, or the US, spend more time thinking about g a y s.è.x than many of US do!

    I hope the charges stick and that Obradovic gets put away.

  • CHIP1218

    IF Serbia wants to join the EU, they will need to make an example out of this moron.

  • jason

    Mladen Obradovic is possibly the product of in-breeding. The Slavs have been committing incest for generations.

  • Jonathonz

    @redball: It sounds like he’s going to be getting ample opportunity to get up and close and personal with as many as he wants for the next 12 years!

  • McMike

    OK, the guy is way beyond being gay. btw, it’s too bad I couldn’t meet him one on one, face to face. It’d be more than my pleasure to cross paths with him but God knows he wouldn’t be man enough to fight without a weapon much less 5,999 friends with him.

  • PatrickB

    @Jonathonz: Quit it with the tired prison rape jokes.

  • Brian Miller

    Wow, Mladen’s got a serious case of “queer face.”


    @PatrickB: Am fairly certain someone with such feminie features (he actually does have a pretty serious case of major Gay face) like him is going to be on the recieving end of something he is so very vocal about hating so much on a prison cell block on a oh so very regular basis. It is pretty much an accepted fact of prison life……………..

  • PatrickB

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I’m aware that feminine guys are at risk of rape in prison. Whenever there’s a post on Queerty that mentions “prison” there’s at least one comment along the lines of “bubba’s gonna put his p*nis in your butt! LOLZ!”

    It’s not joke– it’s plain evil. In the US, prison rape is contrary to the 8th Amendment. It’s a vector for transmission of HIV. Any rape is a traumatic and violent event: perpetrators and victims, when released, carry the legacy of abuse back into society, leading to more violence and drug dependency into our communities.


    @PatrickB: Understand your point. However myself and am sure others make such a post because I am kinda a bitch when it comes to people who devote every waking breath towards making life miserable for Gay people. This scumbag and his wicked rhetoric I am certain have been responsible for many Gays being beaten, tortured, and most likely even killed.

    Maybe there is a few crossed wires in my cranium, but I definatley would not feel a bit of sympathy and even would actually consider it welcome news to know that this scumbag who hates every fiber of my Gay being was having a huge cock rammed inside him…….The epitmite act of all that he hates being thrust upon (and inside) him because of his own vile acts………..

  • PatrickB

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: First of all, prison rape, while a same-sex act, is not a gay act. The “Gay” that Obradovic campaigns against is about love, equality, and acceptance for and among LGBT people. Rape is about power. A heterosexual man demonstrates his power over another man by raping him. Poetic justice does not apply in this situation.

    Second, plenty of convicts, especially Obradovic, have done bad things, but that doesn’t the change the fact that prison rape has consequences that affect society in general. It’s not a joke, and it’s not a harmless form of revenge. Rapists and victims bring disease into their communities, and rapists continue their behavior once released.


    he’s kinda cute

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