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Serbia’s ‘Bullying Propaganda’ Parade Is A Go For Sunday


Plans to go ahead with a gay pride march in Belgrade are upsetting the right crowd: the same extremists who last year convinced police, or whatever, they wouldn’t be able to keep the parade route safe for participants. Some 1,000 folks are expected, and oh what fun a ride it will be: “Dragan Markovic, a member of the ruling coalition, said he would shutter himself at home and turn off his television to avoid seeing any of the ‘shame parade.’ The influential Bishop Amfilohije, of the Serbian Orthodox Church, called on homosexuals to stop their ‘bullying propaganda.’ He described the public march as ‘impermissible violence.’ Dragan Davidovic, a cleric expelled this year from the church because of his radicalism, called followers to attend his liturgy on Sunday and join a counter march he was organizing against gays.”

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  • Jouin

    Shame? you guys don’t know how backwards, regressive and atavistic you look in the eyes of western europe. Good luck getting your government in the EU by the way.

  • CHIP1218

    I think that picture is from 2001 when they last tried to have a parade. Yes, Serbia has gone backwards when it comes to gay rights. I been told that during the late 70’s and 80’s in the time of Tito, they were much more progressive and tolerant, they even held a moment of silence at a concert when Harvey Milk was gunned down. I am thankful my Serbian partner is here in the US with me and won’t be at risk for his life by attending this event in Belgrade.

  • Doot

    There’s an anti-parade today.

    I live in Belgrade and, personally, I’m not leaving the house for the next two days. Though I support the gay-pride marchers, I’m not willing to put myself in harm’s way for gay rights in Serbia. Last year someone was killed and most abject ugliness comes out of the woodwork when gay pride parades are announced here.

    They’re expecting a turnout of 700 and they have up to 6000 police to protect them marching once around ONE BLOCK.

    My heart goes out to the marchers. I’m sorry I’m not brave enough to join you tomorrow.

  • CHIP1218


    I don’t blame you. I have only visited Belgrade once. And the only gay bar I went to was Smileys, and I noticed how they had an apparatus on the storefront to close it off if they thought trouble was coming. My heart goes out to you and your community in Serbia. Srecno sutra!

  • Doot

    hi Chip.

    Never did go to Smileys. Is that a bar or a cafe? There’s not much in the way of gay bars here. There was Apartman, which closed down and now reopened 2 years later.

    Bouncers at gay bars tend to be pretty homophobic here. One guy looked like he was going to punch me after I complimented him on his shirt.

    Gay pride went smoothly. 500 participants protected by 6000 police were able to safely march their one block then be evacuated by police vans.

    Then the hooligans started rioting. 60 or so hospitalized, many stores looted, political headquarters burned, supporting embassies set on fire.

    No offence to the 500 brave souls marching, but Serbia really showed itself to the world as the primitive, backwater that it is.

  • ewe

    I did not know the Phelps of the westboro baptist cooks had so many relatives in Belgrade.

  • CHIP1218


    Smiley is a Cafe/Bar, they have a Facebook Page, and it’s located at Terazije 5. It’s in the main downtown I believe, it was very small, but the people there were friendly.

    I been reading all the news reports, and it’s horrible that all that has been going on. I believe it’s now over 100 people injuired, a few million euros in property damage, and even a bus was hijacked by the Neo-Nazis! This is what the real problem is, the football hooligans have been infiltrated by Neo-Nazi groups and they are pushing their “Serbian Pride” agenda – spewing hate against all who aren’t Serbian Orthodox Heterosexuals.

    Hopefully, these idiots will end up in prison, get the 10 years maximum sentence, and once in jail, they will be treated as bitches by the older Neo-Nazis in their jails, and get 10 years of rape to go along with their jail time!

    Doot, just keep on living your life the way you want to. There is a lot of good things about living in Belgrade, but unfortunately it’s not the easiest place to be openly gay. Even the most gay-friendly cities in the USA have their gay-bashings and other homophobic issues.

  • Robert

    It’s sad how this turned out but to be fair to Serbia, would gay rights marches fare any better in Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova… etc. Eastern Europe is (ironically after 70s years of Soviet rule) more religious and superstitious than their counterparts in the west.
    PS If I’m mistaken and any of the countries I’ve mentioned are more friendly to sexual minorities please correct me! It would be a pleasant surprise.

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