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Serbia’s ‘Bullying Propaganda’ Parade Is A Go For Sunday


Plans to go ahead with a gay pride march in Belgrade are upsetting the right crowd: the same extremists who last year convinced police, or whatever, they wouldn’t be able to keep the parade route safe for participants. Some 1,000 folks are expected, and oh what fun a ride it will be: “Dragan Markovic, a member of the ruling coalition, said he would shutter himself at home and turn off his television to avoid seeing any of the ‘shame parade.’ The influential Bishop Amfilohije, of the Serbian Orthodox Church, called on homosexuals to stop their ‘bullying propaganda.’ He described the public march as ‘impermissible violence.’ Dragan Davidovic, a cleric expelled this year from the church because of his radicalism, called followers to attend his liturgy on Sunday and join a counter march he was organizing against gays.”