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Serbia’s “Mini Pride” … NPH Saved the Emmys … Your Nat’l Equality March Schedule

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• Pride was canceled in Belgrade, and while Serbian lawmakers consider banning extremist groups, gay supporters were welcomed at the Swedish Ambassador’s home for “mini pride” … of which InterPride
human rights chair William Urich found himself followed home from by “thugs.”

Neil Patrick Harris really did save the Emmys: The broadcast scored 13.3 million viewers, up by 1.1m from last year.

• Why does Stuart Murray, the new head of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, have such an abysmal track record on gay rights? Like how he opted not to support a bill permitting gay adoption?

• And heeeeere’s your National Equality March itinerary.

• Two male vultures who raised a chick together broke up and are now both living with females. Then their new lady partners laid eggs on the same day, saw them hatch on the same day, and the baby chicks weighed the exact same amount at birth.


James Franco is taking a queer cinema class at NYU. J’adorable.

• Of course it was Michelle who told Barack not to choose Hillary as VP.

• Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is all smiles when it comes to how his Holocaust denials pissed off the Western World.

• A lesbian couple in Britain receives damages when the company they hired to sell their home listed them as “lesbians.”

• Doesn’t Japan’s rent-a-friend services — where clients can pay for a stranger to be their date to a wedding, or even the best man — sound like a glorified escort service?

• Thought gay media’s troubles were limited to the coasts? Then meet the publications of North and South Carolina — and all the business scandal.