Makeup Tip: Serena ChaCha Teaches You How To Contour and Highlight

Serena ChaCha Contour Highlight Drag Makeup Tutorial

Contouring and highlighting is a drag queen’s best friend and the best way to transform masculine features into softer, feminine features. In a great new tutorial video from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 alum Serena ChaCha, she shares her secrets of how to transform your face with contour and highlight.

Watch the video below.

The importance of face contour and highlight with drag makeup is that it helps to minimize masculine features and amplify feminine features. Drag queen face contour helps to reduce the size of masculine features and soften them to look more rounded and feminine. On the flip side, drag queen face highlight helps to amplify feminine features and works in conjunction with the contour to help soften and round out masculine features.

Not a drag queen? You don’t have to be a drag queen to contour and highlight your face. The makeup tips in the video can be applied to your daily makeup routine if you tone them down a notch or two… or five.