Makeup Tip: Serena ChaCha Teaches You How To Create Drag Eyebrows

Serena ChaCha how to create drag eyebrows

One of the best ways to transform your face when you want to do drag is to completely reshape your eyebrows. To do this, you have two options on how to get rid of your real eyebrows: cover them or shave them off.

Now, unless you want to walk around in boy drag without your real eyebrows, we highly recommend going the route of learning to cover them. And that’s where RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 contestant Serena ChaCha come in…

In a new video, Serena teaches you how to completely cover your eyebrows and how to perfectly draw on your new, “draggier” ones.

Watch the video below.

Not a drag queen? This video can show you how to take your next Halloween, Fanime, Comicon, Celtic Faire and/or Renaissance Faire costumes to the next level! #YoureWelcome 😉