Serious Senate Candidate Sharron Angle Won’t Live In a World Where Gays Adopt Children

Sharron Angle, the Republican who wants to take Sen. Harry Reid’s Nevada seat in the U.S. Senate, is such a terrible person it’s become comical. Although she generally runs from the media, sometimes we’re able to get some soundbites out of her. Like what she thinks about homogays and kids.

From the woman who things a young girl raped by her father should suck it up, Angle revealed in a questionnaire that she’d — of course — oppose making gays and lesbians a protected class, and heaven forbid if they ever adopt any of the children lingering in foster care.

But what else would you expect from the kind lady who doesn’t believe the separation of church and state is constitutional?

Update: We missed another doozy from Angle’s responses. Asked if she would refuse money from a corporate PAC funded by a company that supported “equal rights for gays” and offered benefits to the partners of gay employees, she marked Yes.