Seth G’s ride, Jack Laugher’s buds, & Simon Dunn’s rear view

This week Melissa McCarthy got caught donating to an anti-LGBTQ group, Billy Santoro blamed his racism on meth, and Melania Trump probably fled the White House. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Timothy James made a salad.

Michael Turchin sported a scarf.

Titanius Maximus flexed.

Seth G rode his bike.

Jon Kortajarena wore a mask.

Jack Laugher continued training.

Simon Dunn got a view.

Darren Young took a dip.

Amini Fonua rinsed off.

Levi Mack stood guard.

Elliott Norris sprawled out.

Keiynan Lonsdale pulled up his pants.

Kit Williamson turned 35.

Nick Adams supported a winner.

Eliad Cohen shot a music video.

Jwan Yosef thought hard.

Max Emerson matched his jammies.

Brian Jordan Alvarez found a mirror.

Brian Justin Crum went to Tulum.

And Terry Miller was worshipped.

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