7 Companies Anti-Gay Groups Are Boycotting (And You Should Be Buying From)

The subject of boycotts has come a lot lately: Last weekend, Oreo angered anti-gay groups like One Million Moms by posting a fairly innocuous message on Facebook that invited everyone to “proudly support love.” Of course to OMM that was tantamount to stamping “marriage equality now” on Chewy Chips Ahoy:

Oreo (Kraft Foods) is joining others in supporting Gay Pride. This month is LBGT Pride month and only time will tell if Oreo’s support will continue. The company announced its support for same sex marriage on the Oreo Cookie Facebook page with a picture of a rainbow version of their famous cookie. Oreo’s Facebook thread read, “Proudly Support Love!” with a graphic that read “June 25| Pride”.

The cookie maker is quick to point out that the picture is simply an ad, and doesn’t depict a true product. But it announced to American consumers where it stands on the controversial “gay” marriage issue nonetheless. Homosexuals are weighing in, hoping Oreo makes the fake cookie real.

Kraft just posted a rainbow Oreo and said “support love.” We didn’t see anything about marriage anywhere. Let that be a reminder: Whenever anyone says they’re fine with LGBT people, they just don’t want to “redefine” their precious institution, they really mean they don’t want us to exist. Everything else is just a smokescreen.

Aaaaanyway, this all got us thinking about how recently some corporations have put themselves in the crosshairs just by acknowledging we’re part of their customer base. So instead of telling you which companies and stores to boycott, we thought we’d mention some corporations that are standing by the LGBT community—and getting flak for it.

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