7 Companies Anti-Gay Groups Are Boycotting (And You Should Be Buying From)

Girl Scouts of the USA

If Indiana Republican Bob Morris is to believed, a Girl Scout troop meeting is like a witch’s coven in old Salem, but instead of spells, den mothers teach Brownies how to cross dress and wear strap-ons. And apparently, the Girl Scouts is the secret benefactor of Planned Parenthood, that horrible communist cabal dedicated to forcing  girls to get abortions.

Many parents are abandoning the Girl Scouts because they promote homosexual lifestyles. In fact, the Girl Scouts education seminar girls are directed to study the example of role models. Of the fifty role models listed, only three have a briefly-mentioned religious background —all the rest are feminists, lesbians, or Communists.

These jackasses have even brainwashed little girls into preaching their brand of ignorance and hate.

Just for the fact that bigots like Morris don’t want us to support the Girl Scouts, we should. But on top of  that the GS doesn’t discriminate against homosexual or trans members—unlike those dingleberries in the Boy Scouts.

What to buy: Cookies, duh! Snap up a few boxes of Samoas, Thin Mints and Tagalongs. Ooh, and try the new Savannah Smiles.


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  • Joe

    Home Depot should be on the list just because of the cruisiness of their rest rooms. :-)
    You know what I mean.

  • tj

    Click-through slide show?

    I don’t thing so, just give me a freakin bullet list.

  • Olive Austin

    @tj — Then how would Queerty inflate their page visit statistics?

  • randy

    Let’s increase that number. I want them boycotting TONS of companies!

    They won’t be able to keep track of them, and the more they boycott, the more ridiculous they look. And of course, the more they have the, the more likely these boycotts will fail.

  • ChristopherM

    It isn’t enough that you shop there, you have to let them know why. I bought a freezer from Home Depot a d specifically let them know it was because of their support of equality.

  • Ian

    @ChristopherM: I agree. Companies actually listen to customer feedback, especially when positive. Letting these businesses know WHY you are a customer is a good idea.

  • Spike

    @Joe: The bathrooms at HomoDepot are always dirty, why not just cruise any given aisle?!!?

  • Blake

    AFA concerned about Home Depot influencing children, interesting. I would like to meet some of these children so in love with Home Depot.

  • Dshawns

    i support them all with the exception of Archie Comics and EA ( no longer a comic collector and have never been a gamer). Guess I will be shopping at the Home Depot more than Lowes now.

  • FreddyMertz

    Support most…don’t really do comics..unless they’re in movie form….and Girl Scout cookies are evil…as I sit here munching on a thin mint. LOL

  • w.e.

    I would hold off on buying those placemats at JC Penneys. They just abruptly fired their new progressive CEO after just 8 months. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of Ellen anymore either.

  • Charli

    Yeah man!! H o m o D e p o t R O X!!!
    Of course all you have to do is dload HRC’s
    buying guide!!!( there’s an app 4 that) And you will see everyone’s point lists.
    I don’t leave home without it AND I let them know, it’s GAY $

  • scott

    @guydads: thanks for the list link. Sad that Queerty is in it for the money and couldn’t just list the list in one link.

  • Cameron

    Add American Airlines to that list. They sponsored Barcelona Pride 2012 and, I’m sure, a few other ones.. they also have an LGBT travel site.

  • drockboston

    Try going one day without using something made by Proctor and Gamble, Kraft, or General Mills. Good luck 40,000 moms.

  • Nina

    As an adult Girl Scout I just wanted to add that you can make donations of product to local troops (example: when my troop marched in a Homecoming parade, the fabric and paints for our banners were all donated by a church Ladies’ Aid). This is helpful to the girls–more projects are possible and so are bigger projects, thanks to not having to use as much of their designated money–and you can hit a double-whammy by, for example, buying the T-shirts for their parade from J.C. Penney.

    And if there are any girl-loving gays floating around–my troop always needed more chaperones for outings, and we definitely had dads, not just moms, who signed up for stuff like Field Day and movie trips. Contact your local troop or GSUSA division and see how you can get involved.

  • 1equalityUSA

    I just bought two containers of Oreos, now, it may be a “pipe” dream, but I’ve got to go buy a plank of wood, some sort of spray, a plant, something, anything to “hammer” the message that we are going to “nail” 1,000 hormonal moms by bringing truckloads of business to Home Depot. Hatred will be “insulated” by LGBT dollars as Home Depot will be “raking” in the money. What “tools” these mortals be. They never “saw” it coming.

  • Macmantoo

    If you really want to add insult to injury do what I did. I went to the One Million Mom site and sent an email from their site thanking Oreo for what they’ve done. It’s easy, they allow the email to be altered so I changed the wording to thank them for the support of gays around the world.

  • Macmantoo

    @w.e.: Actually the Chairman of the board was responsible for Ellen. But because they have lost money with the ‘no sales” campaign someone had to go and unfortunately it was the CEO. I do think we’ll continue to see Ellen.

  • 1equalityUSA

    What is the “no sales” campaign?

  • Rockery


    LOL agreed, I’m just not going to bother going past the first page.

  • jack

    We gay people are so lucky that our opponents are so stupid.

  • Cassie

    I already buy things from 90% of the LGBT supporting companies….I KNOW! Let’s ban ALL MARRIAGE and see how straights like their marriages becoming null!

  • S

    I guess that I, a female living with her boyfriend, am considered homosexual since I’m absolute hoping that that rainbow Oreo can actually get made, even if the thing comes in singular colors, but lined up all together to make the rainbow.

    \o/ Proud, straight support! I love EVERYONE, regardless of race, religion, who you love, what you do… Well, everyone excluding jerks anyway.

  • Victoria Alcorta Canela

    @1equalityUSA The JCP “no sales” campaign is that they won’t be putting ads about sales or sending out flyers and they won’t be having sales because they are going to give us the lowest prices they can give us. I was already buying from these companies and I have called the managers and area managers to let them know that it is “gay” $$$$ they are getting and why. I got two companies owned by in-laws to buy from HD first before looking elsewhere and believe me they spend thousands of dollars a month and I let the area manager know why we were moving our business to them. And thank you CAMERON I didn’t know about AA but we will be choosing AA above the other airlines as much as possible now.

  • Evukshoemaker

    You know what, bitch-who-dislikes-homedepot-for-supporting-pride-parades, it’s not home depot who makes children watch pride parades, it’s your hatred and homophobia which creates the need for pride parades in the first place! So don’t you go whining about the “sodomy” and “sexual exposions” which might occur during pride, because it’s your own fault!
    And furthermore, if you don’t want them to see it, then don’t let them see it. Golly.

    It really is a shame I live in Sweden and can’t support those companies…
    Then again, I live in Sweden which has marriage equality and adopting rights for gays…
    So I guess when I grow up, I will be able to get married! (I’ll hopefully move to NYC, but still)

  • james

    @jack: im 100% anti gay its great too because pro gay say its their right to be gay true true but its also true I have the right to be intolerant & you have to accept my intolerance just like how I have to accept your gay shit GOD BLESS THE U.S.A we fuck up everything

  • Randal Oulton

    Any specific technical reason that they can’t be all listed on one page? I’m getting a bit bored of everything being 9 million clicks to turn pages, and with all the tracking scripts loading from various other servers, the page turn over time is really slow.

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