Seven Sickening Drag Queen Acts of the United Kingdom

Contributing Author: Miss Cairo

Hello all you lovers of drag! It’s Miss Cairo here, your Trans-Atlantic writer from the UK! I’ve been asked to spill the tee on some of the queens who I consider sickening here in the land of the our Queen Lizzy… As an FYI, there are far more queens who I know and am still yet to meet, but these are a handful of the wonders whom I have a lot of love for! As an advanced warning: the final photo in this article is a slightly NSFW.

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Dinah Lux

Dinah Lux Tom Selmon
Dinah Lux – Image Credit: Tom Selmon

Dinah Lux is on this list as the world needs to see how BEAUTIFUL this witch is! I am only slightly very jealous of her, but there’s more love than green-eyed envy… Dinah is one of the members of the infamous Sink the Pink, East London’s punk drag collective of trash queens that Turn. It. The. Fuck. OUT. Dinah is also a model (I can’t understand why) and it turns out that this queen is more than just a pretty face as she has just obtained a First at Cambridge university… To those overseas, that’s the equivalent of a top grade at Harvard or Princeton …. #CleverBitch

The House of Grand Parade

The House of Grand Parade Greg Bailey
The House of Grand Parade – Image Credit: Greg Bailey

Now, if you haven’t heard of HOGP, you’ve not witnessed truly sickening drag. Consisting of Crystal Lubricunt, Lydia L’Scabies and Rococo Chanel, these rock and roll kids of the night have been tearing it up around the UK. Spawned in a university room in Brighton, these young spirits have been concocting disturbing acts, and producing shows which are polished, poignant and powerful and they have just finished a UK tour supporting the insatiable Joe Black: Ginfully Yours. I am more than excited to see where these #TalentlessMen will take drag in the very near future

Guillotina Munter

Guillotina Munter
Guillotina Munter

This bitch is sick in the head, twisted, and an absolute asshole. And I love her! Munter by name, Munter by nature, she has been the reason that so many Ru girls get to go and experience the delights of Scotland and she has been serving up some amazing nights at Menergy in Glasglow. Her give-a-fuck-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude is the reason why she is a force to be reckoned with. A cut throat tongue and a resting bitch face, I’m sure there’s a heart somewhere hidden on her person…. Probably not her heart, but a victim that got on the wrong side of the bitch…

Kalypso Bang

Kalypso Bang
Kalypso Bang

The moment I laid eyes on Kalypso in Garlands, I fell in love. This stunning, ferocious, enigmatic androgen was commanding the attention from the patrons of the Liverpudlian nightclub, and she deserved it. Kalyspso Bang makes all of her wardrobe, all couture, all of her own ideas, a true artist who I am really excited to see what she delivers in her lengthy artistic future. Not only a tremendous talent in the visuals department, she also has skills in stilt walking, choreography and manages a great dance team at Garlands! Gentle, loving and fucking gorgeous, I’m but two coats of lipgloss away from asking her to marry me… Our kids will be #hairmazing

Blanche Dubois

Blanche Dubois
Blanche Dubois

This Mexican Spitfire is one member of the critically acclaimed The LipSinkers, and is one of my favourite, unhinged performers on the London cabaret circuit. With a smile that glows with child-like innocence, and ferocity that scares the shit out of me, her juxtaposed acts have a brilliant balance of traditional British drag and the queer anarchist drag that I love so much. Blanche is always such a pleasure to work with, always giving, and she always has an open heart!

Michael Twaits

Michael Twaits Paul Singer
Michael Twaits – Image Credit: Paul Singer

This post drag, post feminist, post giving-a-fuck man in a dress transcends the term #sickening. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Michael and have witnessed his stonewall piece so many times, and each viewing reduces me to tears. He is one of THE queer drag artists who is revolutionising people’s attitudes and he has so much of my respect, love and adoration. You may want to slay him for his unshaved legs or his aesthetic, but this performance artist knows what drag is for: to provoke. And if you can’t get past the hairy legs, move over, as the revolution will be leaving you behind…. #ByeFelicia

Familyyy Fierce

The Familyyy Fierce Nick Tucker
The Familyyy Fierce – Photo Credit: Nick Tucker

Now I couldn’t not include my dearest darling Familyyy Fierce in this article. Call it biased, but #YoureWelcome. Consisting of Rubyyy Jones, Meth, Lolo Brow, Ruby Wednesday, Lilly SnatchDragon, Laydee Tena, Bourgeoisie, Scarlett O’Hora and Myself, The Familyyy Fierce has been delivering the world salacious, saucy and scandalous shows; educating, loving and learning from each and everyone who engages with us. The Familyyy Fierce were also subjects of the new drag documentary, ‘Drag Queens of London’ series shown on London Live; they’re being badgered by fans of the show to give us our own spin off! #WereComingForYou

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