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Same-sex couple share intimate moment in new Cadbury Creme Egg advert

Cadbury Creme Egg features a gay couple in its latest advert
(Photo: CadburyUK/YouTube)

A new British advert for the much-loved Cadbury Creme Eggs features a moment of LGBTQ inclusivity.

For several years, the British chocolatier has run adverts in the UK asking consumers “How do you eat yours?” Its latest builds on that theme. Marking five decades of creme eggs, it’s marking its “Golden Goobilee,” with a special, gold-wrapped egg. The advert features five egg lovers demonstrating how they eat theirs.

Alongside “lickers” and “dippers”, the last to be featured are a same-sex couple, who are shown dancing together on a rooftop, before locking lips over an egg and sharing a suggestive, goo-ey bite.

The narrator of the advert exclaims, “Sharers? Yeah, we’re down with that.”

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Cadbury Creme Egg features a gay couple in its latest advert
(Photo: CadburyUK/YouTube)

According to Out, the men are real-life couple, Callum Sterling and Dale K Moran.

The advert appeared on Monday on YouTube. Comments have been turned off beneath the video.

On social media, at least one commentator expressed themselves “disgusted“: not because the advert featured a same-sex couple, but because they couldn’t entertain the notion of sharing their creme egg with anyone. “Sharing a creme egg… no no no! But yes, yes, yes to Cadbury’s for this inclusive advertising campaign,” added another.

Sold between New Year and Easter, Cadbury Creme Eggs are hugely popular in the UK. Hershey holds the license to sell and market Creme Eggs within the US.

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