“Sex Obsessed” Churchie Hammers Gay With Innuendo, Entendre

A pious homo had a hellish experience over in England:

A gay man training to become a member of the lay clergy quit his job at a church college after he was bullied by his “sex obsessed” female manager, a tribunal has heard.

Stephen Price, 25, said he was constantly taunted about his sexuality by Mair Jones and that “every conversation” turned to sex.

“I was bullied consistently for no other reason than my sexuality, daily having to put up with either being referred to as a poof or having her talk of homosexuality or sex,” the philosophy graduate told the employment tribunal in Cardiff.

“Every conversation would somehow end up being a conversation about sex. I asked for a big ruler and she responded: “Ooh, you like them big do you?” in obvious reference to a man’s penis size.

Well, to be fair, Jones did describe herself as “the Queen of Innuendos.” Although, we’re not entirely sure she deserves it. For example, she referred to a “Receive My Peace” speech as “Receive My Piece.”*

Sperm could cum up with that one. [Get it!?]

*Actually, she’s more a mistress of double entendre, but whatever…