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Have sex in a panda costume and this company will donate $100 to wildlife conservation

Under its “Pornhub Cares” initiative, Pornhub regularly champions genuine causes and finds increasingly cheeky ways to do it.

Case in point: In celebration of National Panda Day on March 16, the adult tube site hopes to champion the endangered creatures, who have consistent trouble reproducing since female pandas are only up for mating two or three days a year.

Could their lack of oomph have anything to do with the conspicuous lack of panda porn? Perhaps. Hence why Pornhub is asking customers to lend a hand towards something besides self-pleasure for once.

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The company wants users to create “panda-style porn” — clips in which they have sex while dressed in panda costumes or are wearing “panda-inspired body paint.”

We’re sure bamboo play will not only be tolerated but encouraged.

For examples, you can ogle clips that have already been uploaded to their “Panda Style” section (located alphabetically between “orgy” and parody”) to get your imagination all fired up.

For every uploaded panda-style video, Pornhub will donate $100 to panda conservation charities. (They’re also donating 1 cent per every video viewed.)

Right now, we’re only seeing the “Panda Style” channel in the straight section, but not the gay one.

We’ll let you decide exactly how offended you want to be about that.

Watch a video that explains it all to you below: