Former Mayoral Candidate Among Arrestees

Sex Sting Stings Nine In Florida

A Daytona Beach potty be poppin’ last Thursday – and then it be coppin’.

Floridian officials nabbed nine toilet trollers during a Sear’s bathroom sting last week.

A high school athletics teacher and former city councilman and mayoral candidate Mike Shallow were among the men arrested. Such operations have become regular news since Senator Larry Craig’s bathroom drama earlier this year, as have politico’s involvement in such events. We are, however, taken aback by police chief Mike Chitwood’s venomous reaction.

The reason that we did this sting is we all go to the mall; our kids go into the bathroom. That they could be susceptible to this kind of behavior is absolutely a disgrace.

It’s scumbags like this that erode the quality of life that we have here. What scares me is that these are people that we trust to be political leaders, these are people that we trust with our children.

Chitwood must be a Jim Naugle supporter.