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After sex tape surfaces with male student, Bishop resigns for “peace of the church”

One of 52 bishops in the Romanian Orthodox Church has resigned after a tape surfaced featuring him having sex with a male student.

Corneliu Barladeanu, The Bishop of Husi, resigned at the end of a two-day Holy Synod, after which a statement was released that claimed he was leaving “for the peace and good of the church.”

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As you might expect, The Romanian Orthodox Church is against homosexuality or anything related to gay rights.

To shed light on just how homophobic the church is, Lucian Ursuletu and Eugune Tifin write in The Primitive Discrimination that:

There is no such thing as tolerance. Anyone who wants an insight into the Romanian Orthodox Church’s attitude toward sexual minorities, only has to read the letter the Orthodox Patriarch sent to the Romanian Parlament during the discussions that led to the annulment of Article 200 in the Romanian Constitution which banned homosexuality. “Annulling this article regarding practices against the grain worries and makes us sad,” wrote the Patriarch. “The Church rejects unclean love, in order to promote and protect holy love.” Although two years have passed since the constitution was changed, the Romanian Orthodox Church maintains it’s position against the homosexuals.

“There is no such thing as tolerance in the church,” one Orthodox priest explains in Bucharest. “This expression does not exist for us.”

According to The Associated Press, “public furor” has erupted in Romania over Barladeanu and another scandal, which also involves a priest having sex with his male student.

Believers want more accountability in the church. While the outrage is at a fever pitch since the two cases involve homosexual sex, the church claims the bishop would’ve been “similarly chastised” if the sex acts involved a woman.

Oddly enough, Barladeanu will remain in the church as a monk, and refuses to comment publicly on the scandal, though he maintains his innocence.

Critics believe the Church shouldn’t released a stronger statement, and strongly suspect a “cover-up” in both cases.

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