Body talk

And the sexist part of a man’s body is…


A gaggle of researchers from, a fitness website, conducted a survey to find out what parts of the body people found most attractive. Over 2,000 Americans of all genders, ages, and sexual orientations participated in the study.

It should come as no surprise that 36.1 percent of gay men said they preferred a “muscular” body type, followed by 26.7 percent who said they preferred an “average” bodies, and 18.3 percent who said they liked they men “thin.” 11.1 percent reported like “curvy” guys, and 7.8 percent said their ideal partner’s body type was “other.”

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As for facial features, the vast majority of gay men (62.7 percent) said eyes were the most attractive part of the face, followed by the jawline, mouth, nose, and, lastly, the ears.

Now what about body parts? Here’s where it gets a little more complicated.

Gay men reported that the chest of a muscular man, the stomach and abs of a thin man, and the butt and chest on an average-shaped man were the #1 most attractive parts of their bodies. In other words: attractive features changed depending on the body type.

Butts came in at a close second for all three body types. Interestingly, arms came in last place for both average-shaped men and thin men, and second to the last for muscular men. The takeaway? Focus less on all those bicep curls you’ve been doing and start exercising those pecs and glutes more!

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In conclusion, researchers determined that “you should love and take care of your [entire] body regardless” of what areas other people find most attractive.

“Developing a fit physique is usually obtainable for those willing to put in the necessary reps,” they write. “Working out won’t just give you a better-looking physique, but a confidence that can be just as sexy.”

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