‘Sexual Cleansing’ In Nepal

metis protest in Nepal

Police in the city of Kathmandu, Nepal have been recently trying to “cleanse” the city of “undesirables” such as transexuals and gays by arresting them under false pretenses. Most recently, this week they arrested and detained several staff members of the Blue Diamond Society, a sexual rights advocacy organization. In case there is any doubt about the intentions of the police officers, let’s savor this choice quote, ” “Acid should be put on the faces of the [trangender people]: they don’t deserve to live.”

Before we start feeling all superior to Nepal, let’s look at a couple interesting similarities that exist between it and our own country. The reason given for sweeping trannies off the street in Kathmandu is the same reason President Bush claims to have won the 2004 election: moral values.

And these recent violations of humans rights also remind us of another recent urban cleansing project that, while cruel, hopefully did not involve acid.

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