Jared Polis On Even Ground In Colorado

Sexuality Not An Issue For Homo-Politico

Evangelical-heavy Colorado once led the front in anti-gay politics. Now, fifteen years after citizens voted to prohibit pro-gay discrimination laws*, homo-politico Jared Polis finds him locked in a fierce battle for a Congressional seat. While one may expect his homosexuality to be a key issue in the campaign, the Denver Post reports that it’s, well, not noteworthy:

The fact that Polis is gay has hardly come up in Colorado – minus some derogatory name-calling on a right-wing blog – where he is locked in an intense, ultra-expensive primary battle to replace Senate contender Mark Udall.

When voters ask him if he’s married, sometimes Polis says no, and sometimes he tells them he can’t get married because he’s gay.

“I try to treat my orientation the same way I would if I was straight, which is to talk about it when it’s relevant,” he said.

Capturing deep-pocketed gay activists matters more in this race than collecting the “gay vote,” since there aren’t vast numbers of gay voters in Adams, Weld and Boulder counties, said Steve Welchert, a Democratic political consultant.

Plus, Welchert said, politics have evolved past the point of all blacks supporting Obama, all women supporting Clinton and all gay people backing Polis. The gay factor is not key in the campaign, he said.

“It’s just not an issue,” Welchert said.

Polis’ sexuality isn’t just a non-issue with straight folk, but with gay activists, as well. Former ally and mega-gay-millionaire Tim Gill decided to endorse Polis’ rival, the equally gay-friendly Joan Fitz-Gerald.

The state’s Supreme Court overturned that ruling, by the way…