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Sexy Gay Video Games Are Quickly Becoming More Of A Thing


We could all use some fun and games right now, couldn’t we? Well look no further than Radiator 2, a (free!) collection of bizarre sexy games from the brilliant Robert Yang.

Previously, Robert’s work was available for independent distribution through Itch.io, but now they’ve hit the big time: they’re on Steam, the game service for PCs, Macs, and Linux.

“They’re part of my semi-concerted attempt to ‘#MakeGamesGayAgain,'” Robert says. “I believe it’s important for gay games to be present and visible on a major video game platform like Steam, to help resist and combat the very real erasure of gay people from games, society, or even erasure from the mass shootings that exclusively target gay people.”

He’s also working on a game set in a gay nightclub. Work on that began before the recent violence. As a result, he’s tweaking that game to be more positive about gay enclaves, rather than critical of how exclusionary they can be.

There’s also Succulent, in which the player engages with a hunky shirtless man inserting a popsicle in his mouth until things go further than you might expect. And there’s Stick Shift, where driving a car becomes a metaphor — very thinly veiled — for sex. If you finish early, the car stalls out with engine trouble.


While you’re at it, you might want to lay out a little cash for “Fragments of Him,” another gay game from an indie developer. It takes you through a heartbreaking story from the people who remember the life of a gay man killed by a car crash. Though there’s not a lot of actual “play” in the game — you are essentially on a rail, clicking through dialogue and scenes — it’s a meditative experience that may remind you to appreciate the people in your life whom you love.

Anyway, Robert Yang is correct that there are vanishingly few LGBT games on Steam. Just a few days ago, popular Twitch streamer Dylan aka 8bithomo lamented that there was no tag for him to find queer-themed games — he wanted to highlight some in honor of Pride month, but couldn’t.

Fortunately, a few Steam users have stepped up with some recommendations: There’s Gone Home, and Life is Strange, and Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade. You may also be intrigued by Brilliant Shadows, featuring “two best friends, a necromancer and a paladin, who knew they were destined to be together.”

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