Sexy Guys Talk About their Worst Dates Ever

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 3.12.12 AMHow was your Valentine’s Day? We spent ours in the traditional way: sitting at home in our underwear, binge-watching all of Firefly, and eating cold pizza with toppings that sounded good online but proved to be an unwise combination.

Now that the holiday has passed and our Facebook timeline is no longer a parade of couples posing with forced grins as though they never fight and can still stand to be around each other, we can go back to our favorite past time: reveling in the schadenfreude of your friends’ failed romances.

Men.com has just put out another one of their delicious videos, this time with a bunch of performers revealing the worst dates they’ve ever been on. Among our favorites: Colby Jansen who went on a date with someone who just got sloppy-drunk, talked only about themselves, and threw up on him. Ah, love.

Poor Bennett Anthony went bowling with his boyfriend when he was 15, and his date chose that point to make an unpleasant announcement. Andy Banks got rained on while stargazing. And Colt Rivers says he’s never been on a date.

Can we unpack that last one a little, please? “I’ve never been on a date in my life,” Colt shrugs, and there’s no more info than that. So what’s going on there? He’s super-cute, so it’s not like he couldn’t if he wanted to. Is he in a cult? A loner? Prefers fooling around to commitment? From space? Speculate wildly in the comments, please.

And if you absolutely must see some happy couples, well, we put up a few galleries of those for Valentines Day, so feast your eyes on some revolutionary kisses and boys in their undies.