Sexy Lesbian Car Ad Too Sexy And Lesbian For Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister and mogul behind the Mediaset empire, supposedly enjoys having hookers at his house parties. But a lesbian-themed car ad from Renault? Too risque for his airwaves! So his company banned it from its TV networks.

The spot for the Renault Twingo model — which features a woman heading into a bedroom after catching eyes with another lady, only to have her car stolen after being blindfolded — won’t be airing on state television network TV RAI either. Because it’s TOO SEXY!

Or too female-oriented? The 30-second ad ends with the tagline, “New Twingo Miss Sixty: It’s a Girl Thing.” And we don’t need young women thinking there are cars being manufactured just for them and their box-munching kind. Of course, even some gays aren’t pleased with the ad, calling it “offensive to lesbians,” though I can’t find any remarks like that from groups like Arcigay. Says a spokesman for the automaker: “We think it’s a great advert, is very open minded and continues the theme of previous adverts which always play on irony.”

Yeah. Irony and carjacking. This ad doesn’t just promote lesbianism, but crime, y’all. If broadcasters air it, the terrorists win.