Sexy “Men Of Stacks” Calendar Proves Not All Librarians Are Crabby Spinsters

Once upon a time people used to read flimsy paper things called “books.” They weren’t as cool as Kindles or iPads, but they didn’t require recharging. If you couldn’t afford to buy a book outright, you could borrow if from your local “library,” a public space where deliquient parents abandoned their children, old people slept and horny dudes hooked up in bathroom stalls.

Surprisingly, these institutions still exist. And some are run by hot male librarians, if the photos in the Men of Stacks 2012 calendar are to be believed. Benefiting the It Gets Better Campaign, the calendar features a dozen book jockeys in candid poses.

We’re partial to Mr. January (above) who’s wearing nothing but a copy of Djuna Barnes’ Nightwood. If we took out a copy of The Front Runner and intentionally returned it three months late, y’think he’d  do naughty things to us?

Click through to see more of these sexy real guys, some of whom have left their book jackets at home.

Megan a.k.a. "Mr. November"


Gabriel, a.k.a. Mr. December





Mario, a.k.a. Mr. April


Brett, a.k.a. Mr. March


Damon, a.k.a. Mr. October


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